The Lies Your Boyfriend Tells You And What They Mean

The Lies Your Boyfriend Tells You And What They Mean Image
Everyone lies, politicians lie, your mom lies, your dad lies to her, and yes, even your boyfriend lies to you just as much as you do to him. In all relationships, one or two of those people lie. Since this article is for women, I am going to help you girls to know when your boyfriend lies and the real meaning behind it so you would know relationships status. After all, we don't have halos over our heads, just love and that want to protect our women and relationships, sometimes from what we can say that can hurt them.

"No, you don't look fat." is one of the most common answers that your boyfriend gives you when you ask him if you look fat in what you wear. That's what most guys would say to not hurt your feelings if indeed you do look fat in it, why else would you ask that if you think you look sexy in it, for assurance perhaps? So women, if you do not want to hear this lie again, never ask if you look fat, just wear something that you would look confident in.

"We'll talk about it later" is another five words that breeds men's lies. Men hate confrontations, so as long as they can get away with it, they will try to avoid it to save relationships, not only to you but maybe to his mom as well. The problem with this phrase is that it gives men the chance not only to avoid it, but ultimately, to avoid talking and fighting about something they think is useless.

"I don't think about other women." Sure they don't, your boyfriend does not think about other women; just the same way as you don't fantasize about Brad Pitt. However, your boyfriend says this to not aggravate the situation and make you more jealous. Women, all men think about other women, but not all of them act up on it, so do not think that your boyfriend is cheating on you when he thinks about other women, it's normal.

"I'm sorry." Remember that song, "Sorry seems to be the hardest word", well because it is. Using these two little words, your boyfriend can easily tone your emotions down especially if it has that hug and kiss to complete it, and if said with conviction. The good thing about these words is that it has been tried and tested and has made a lot of women cry. For women, when your boyfriend says this, make sure that he promise not to do it again, or else.

Now for all the women out there, I suggest that you remember all these things so when your boyfriend automatically says them, you will know if they're telling a lie or not. For men, saving relationships by not telling the truth is not saving relationships at all. This also goes out to everybody, men and women alike. Sometimes, telling the truth will make a difference in relationships, and will make your girlfriend think

that at least you have trust her logic and just trust her, enough to tell her the truth behind your lies.

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