Women Dont Want Marriage Kids

Women Dont Want Marriage Kids Cover
Marriage, kids double the workload

In an age where higher education is almost compulsory if you want to make any kind of livable salary, nowadays women are trading in marriage and kids for a professional career, with no thought of tying the knot in the future.

And no wonder, research shows that men who are married with kids are healthier and live better than women who are married with kids.

Let alone the fact that women are forced to take time off work to bear children and rear them, which, in turn, tends to keep them from advancing in the workforce.

So it's no wonder that women are saying "no thanks" to the whole idea of getting married and having kids. The headaches involved just don't seem to worth it anymore.

In Taiwan, most women are afraid to take time off work to have kids, for fear that they'll lose their jobs altogether.

And the divorce rate isn't that encouraging anyway; even if most women did get married and have kids, there's a good chance they'll end up being single parents anyway.

Getting married translates into more work for women, and it's no wonder that most women are opting to enter the workforce rather than stay home and raise children.

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