Speed Dating How To Prepare Yourself

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Speed dating has in recent times been recognized as a type of dating or matchmaking among individuals who are not in a relationship. Singles speed dating started out as a Jewish activity initiated by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of the Jewish Orthodox organization Aish HaTorah, which has also registered the term SpeedDating.

Numerous speed dating events has already transpired since the happening of the very first speed dating event in 1998. This speed dating event was held in Pete's Cafe in Beverly Hills, California. Singles speed dating is said to have become popular in 2000 and has also been taken as a theme for television shows like Sex and the City.

Speed dating events are frequently planned by groups or companies that were formed exclusively for such purpose and a certain fee is also charged. The payment often includes food and drinks. Certain groups may also offer promos, combos, and other payment schemes. Other organizers that have websites are also engaged in online speed dating and extend their speed dating services to their websites' visitors and registered users.

Speed dating is becoming more and more popular among the teenagers as they are more experimenting in nature.

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