Adam Lambert Kisses Another Man

Adam Lambert Kisses Another Man Cover

Adam Lambert kisses man at American Music Awards

In his performance at the American Music Awards last night, ADAM LAMBERT was the last performance on the roster, and with good reason.

Not only did he grind one of the male dancer's faces into his crotch - a female dancer rubbed his penis and he even made out with the keyboardist.

While ADAM LAMBERT claims that it all happened "in the moment," I'm pretty sure that that's complete bulltish.

In an effort to keep people on their toes, and considering that LADY GAGA has taken over the psychotic ticket this year, Adam Lambert had to take things one step further. And so he decided to do for the 2000's what MADONNA did for the '80s and '90s - make the audience uncomfortable.

We aren't used to seeing men go at it. And even when MADONNA made out with BRITNEY SPEARS and sucked the normal out of her, the world was all over it.

So will this have the same effect or will the world shy away from the gay kiss between men for fear of offending anyone?

Stay tuned.

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