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Love is not all about red roses. It is also about thorns. Dating romance plays very important part in life of every person. It is a common notion in society that people can not get their first love. Age can be the basic factory why people do not get their first love. In modern world, people fall in love so early. As a result, they start a relationship, romance, dating and love in the age of 15-16. In such a young age, you can not expect the maturity either from boy or girl.

Dating is a first step of romance, love or marriage. First of all, people start dating with each other and gradually, they increase the level of relationship. In recent time, online dating is in fashion. People date with each other with help of internet. They meet with each other and know various things about themselves. Dating and romance both are different term altogether. Dating is used to know other person better. On the other hand, romance is more relates with people who are in love already.

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