Ways Women Use Men

Ways Women Use Men Cover
Have you ever been in a relationship with a woman and felt like you were being asked to do a whole lot of favors for her? Were you dumped when you started telling her that you couldn't do certain things anymore? Well, that is because you were being used.

It's a wonder how women use men all the time and yet, some guys don't even notice until it's too late. Here are some signs that you are being used.



If she needs a lift, even if it's miles away from where you're headed, she'll ask you to take her. And you're so burnt, you do.

But even when you try to say no, she puts you on a guilt trip and starts making those sad faces, essentially making you feel like crap if you try to get out of it.

What's worse; sometimes she gets you to drive her friends around, too. You think she's seeing you as this great guy and might even fall in love with you because you are so good to her. But to be honest, she thinks you're a sucker and a bit of a loser.

Have you slept with her yet? No? Yup, definitely a loser.



With all that you do for her all the time, and the fact that you're at her beck and call, you really believe that all this work should at least get you a piece of the action. But no - no pie for you. Instead you get a sweet peck on the cheek. That's it.

Of course, when you make even the slightest attempt to go for more, she stops you coyly, and plays you with the promise of more in the future... so long as you continue to do all that you do for her.

Wow, you must masturbate furiously.



No matter where you go, you are always the one who dishes for everything. Oh yeah, she might splurge on a soft drink for you every now and then, but more often than you likely care to admit, she has you paying for all the lunches, breakfasts and outings you have together (I didn't mention dinner because that's when she goes out on "real" dates).

You find yourself going broke, but you like this girl so much that you are certain it's going to pay off eventually. Eventually she will fall in love with you and see you for the sweet, wonderful guy you are.

I recommend you stop spending anything on her and watch how fast she loses your number.

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