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Making conversation during a date can be awkward. This, however, isn't a problem if you bring your date to a concert (unless one of you is one of those people who insists on talking during the show). If you are going to go for the concert date, however, a little planning is needed.

While you may be a huge Metallica fan, it may not be her cup of tea. At the same time, though, it might not be worth going to see Il Divo if you're going to snooze through the whole show.

With that in mind, here are some of the best concerts for daters that could make for a fun time for both of you.



Coldplay's Chris Martin and co. certainly aren't strangers to the arena scene. Exploding onto the world-tour circuit in the early '00s with hits like "Yellow" and, later, "Clocks, Fix You," etc., Coldplay makes for one of the best concert dates because their music translates particularly well from studio recording to live performance.

Chris Martin in particular is the driving force of Coldplay concerts as he pounds away at his piano, calling to mind similar piano-heavy classic rock acts of the '70s.

FOR WOMEN: You will dig the Coldplay concert because of the overt sentimentality present in many of their songs and the high level of mushy romance that permeates their music.

FOR MEN: You will dig the show because, to be fair, a lot of Coldplay songs rock pretty good. Get past Chris Martin's pretty boy front man persona and let yourself appreciate the rest of the band's competencies, particularly Jonny Buckland's heavy guitar riffs.



At the risk of offending Deadheads out there, the Dave Matthews Band is a little like a slightly more polished albeit middle of the road version of the Grateful Dead. Granted, A Dave Matthews concert may not have that same perpetual cloud that was always present over the crowd at a Dead show, but on a band dynamic level, both acts are united in their jam style.

In their live shows, Matthews and co. get to bust out their jam chops much more than in the studio setting, resulting in a constantly changing and evolving concert experience which is never repeated from town to town. Now if that isn't a best concert date, I don't know what is.

FOR WOMEN: You will thoroughly enjoy Matthews' softer numbers and the entertainment of it all.

FOR MEN: Long improvised numbers combined with a bevy of video and lighting effects and you will go nuts for the surprise covers that Matthews has been known to pull out.



The Foo Fighters have grown musically by leaps and bounds since their inception in 1995. Recognized initially as the solo project started by the drummer from Nirvana (Dave Grohl), the Foo Fighters have since become one of America's best rock bands.

While the Fighters may have started out by releasing heavily-charged catchy singles, they now tend to incorporate more acoustic material into their act. Their live show is no different. Often diving their concert into electric and acoustic sets, there's a little something for everyone.

Whether screaming his lungs out on songs like "Best of You" or "Pretender," or showing off his more sensitive song-writing abilities in songs like "Everlong" or "Next Year," Grohl is able to work the audience into a frenzy.

FOR MEN & WOMEN: The fact that Bob Dylan himself personally chose the group to open for him for a series of shows should be enough to let any man or woman know that this is a show which transcends the differences of appreciation between men and women.

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