Want A Man Show 40 Percent Skin

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Want a man? Show 40% skin

In what I can only call a ridiculous attempt at figuring out how women can attract men, British scientists think they have it all figured out: an outfit that reveals 40% of a woman's flesh provides just the right amount of male attention.

To figure out the number, Leeds University psychologists sent out four female researchers to one of the city's biggest and most popular nightclubs.

Women who showed off about 40% of their skin were approached by twice as many men as the women who were more covered up. By the way, head, hands and feet are not part of the 40%. So that leaves a whole lot of T&A to be seen.

But show off more than that and the signal to men changes from "allure" to one where guys think that you are too easy and might cheat in the future.

Suitable clothing includes a sleeveless dress that goes just above the knee. Of course, it helps if you're a size 6, wear tight fitting clothes and can give most strippers a run for their money on a dance floor.

So if a woman is obese and she shows off some arm and thigh, she likely won't have the same success with the 40% rule.

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