Chick Flicks Destroy Romance

Chick Flicks Destroy Romance Cover
Entertainment news: Chick flicks destroy romance

And here I thought that is what drew me closer to my significant other, I come to discover that chick flicks actually choke the crap out of romance"? you may ask. Why indeed.

The relationship experts over at Scotland's Heriot-Watt University discovered that romantic comedies lead to unrealistic expectations on the part of women. No way! Next they're going to tell us that soap operas lead to unhappiness in bored housewives.

In essence, the problem is that most women tend not to communicate their desires to their significant others, expecting them to "just know" their needs and wants. Personally, I don't think that romantic comedies are to blame here. It's something else - something called woman-speak.

But I digress. Most couples apparently believe that sex between two people should be perfect and that if you are truly, I mean truly meant for the other person, then you do not have to communicate your wants to them. They just know. I would be cracking up right now if this weren't so freakin' sad.

Of course, romantic comedies tend to exploit the honeymoon phase of most relationships and people mistakenly think that the honeymoon should last forever. For those of you dumb enough to believe that, love at first sight is near impossible and the honeymoon phase wears away after the first time you hear your partner fart.

Welcome to the real world, chick flicks.

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