The First Date Beauty Checklist

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Want to know a big Dating Secret?

He's finally asked you out and you've got the first date jitters. You're excited and nervous but don't worry, that's totally normal. With this following checklist, you'll have him head over heels wondering when he can ask you out again.

Buff up before the big night. Your beau will definitely be buffing up his muscles, anything from pre-date pushups to a whole body workout. Give him something to remember well. To make your skin pretty and soft, try exfoliating the night before with a gentle scrub and scented moisturizing lotion. It will leave you smelling and feeling sexy, but more importantly, he will be undeniably tantalized.

Don't overdo the lip gloss. Less is better. He doesn't want to kiss lips slobbered with an artificial wax at the end of the night. A small dab will leave just the right amount of moisture for him to wish it lasted that much longer. While it may seem fun to leave a Marilyn Monroe kiss on his cheek, it's a whole different story to leaving that blushing red color on his lips. No guy wants to wear the same lipstick as his girl after a kiss!

Dress looking like YOU! This is the first date. He likes you! Save your edgier, fancier looks for later dates. Dress to impress, but do not go out so far that you intimidate him. As a good rule of thumb, if you can't apply or remove it in around three to four minutes, reserve it for later. Allow yourself to crescendo the dates into a climax.

Too much tanning is not pretty. Tan is currently in these days. But the reason it's appealing is because it's proving you enjoy the sun and outdoors. This is why a guy will be immensely turned off if you come to the date looking red with peeling skin. Nobody likes a fake product. When you do tan, go on the mild side and be sure to use a body lotion for the subtle shimmer.

Don't Fuss. You may feel that your hair is out of place, that the eye lashes you curled are not as pretty as they were when you left home - it really doesn't matter. The guy is already into you. He won't notice these little details, but what he will notice is if you are affected by it. Be comfortable with yourself and check him out - he will in turn respond graciously, and a wonderful date will play out.

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