Book Review Are You Ms Typed

Book Review Are You Ms Typed Cover
Are you sick of not being able to find a good man? Well, Dr. Michelle Callahan thinks she knows why and she wants to help you land the man of your dreams.

Michelle Callahan classifies women into 10 dating types:

1- Ms. Second Place

2- Ms. Sex Machine

3- Ms. Drama Queen

4- Ms. Bag Lady

5- Ms. Mom

6- Ms. Independent

7- Ms. Rose-colored Glasses

8- Ms. Perfect

9- Ms. Anaconda

10- Ms. Soul Mate

Just by the titles alone, I'm certain that you can easily figure out which category you likely fit into. You start out by filling out a dating questionnaire, and this will narrow you down into the dating type you fit best in.

There are 50 questions to fill out and you will be surprised by what the answers say about you and your dating habits. Once you determine your dating type, you can read a detailed description of what you are like and what your typical behavior is in a romantic relationship.

And Michelle Callahan doesn't stroke your ego about it, either; she gets straight to the point and is up front and honest about what you're doing wrong (as well as right - she's not heartless), and provides the tools you need to change your negative habits.

Sometimes, we all know what we're doing wrong, but just seeing it there, in print, staring back at us, can give us that push we need to start changing our awful behavior and start landing the types of guys we're worthy of.


By Michelle R. Callahan, Ph.D.

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