Why Women Fall For Serial Killers

Why Women Fall For Serial Killers Cover
It seems that there's a bizarre phenomenon that is being ignored by many. Why do seemingly normal women fall hopelessly in love with serial killers and murderers?

One infamous serial killer who has a bevy of groupies is serial killer and rapist RICHARD RAMIREZ, a.k.a. the Night Stalker. Even SCOTT PETERSON, a.k.a. the jerk off (that's my own cute little nickname for him), the man who killed and disposed of the body of his 8 months pregnant wife gets fan mail from infatuated women.

What's up with that? Why are all these women falling hard for men who would slit their throats and then pop open a bag of Doritos and watch them slowly die?

And it seems that it's the men with high notoriety that get the most fan mail. It's like they're quasi-celebrities, it seems.

My theory is that these women fall for these serial killers and murderers for 4 reasons:

1- They love the sense of danger

2- They love the celebrity of it and know they'll never get a response if they wrote to, say, George Clooney

3- They think they can "fix" him if given the opportunity

4- They are crazy

When all is said and done, these guys are on death row and the women who love them know that the end is near, so it must give them some sense of martyrdom that they befriend these guys, or worse yet, marry them.

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