Leadership Institute Why Life Is The Greatest Leadership Program

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While leadership institutes can be a very worthwhile investment if you have the funds necessary to spend on them, you should never forget that the greatest leaders throughout world history usually attended only one leadership program: life. Leadership institutes are a relatively new concept, and many of the most influential leaders and managers from centuries past had to rely on mentors-and their own experiences-to learn how to lead effectively.

That's not to say that today's leaders shouldn't take advantage of the many courses, books, classes and programs that are available to teach how to manage groups effectively. But you need to realize that the greatest opportunity you have to get an education about leadership is by taking advantage of the circumstances around you and putting yourself into situations that will hone your skills as a leader.

Just like any kind of personal development, bettering your leadership skills needs to be taken one small step at a time, and can be a long process. You probably won't be offered leadership or management positions without any previous experience, but there are plenty of volunteer leadership opportunities available for people who want to work hard and better themselves.

Is your workplace putting together training groups that focus on specific company goals? Take advantage of the situation by volunteering to take a leadership role in the group. Is there a company outing or social event planned for the future? Volunteer to help plan the event. Is there a volunteer organization in your community that needs help organizing efforts? Start attending meetings and taking a central role in planning for the group's success.

These are just a few (admittedly simple) examples of steps that you can take to start developing your own leadership and management skills today, without shelling out any money to pay for a leadership institute program. And in addition to making you a better leader, these efforts will also lead to a more impressive resume, which can open the door to future leadership opportunities that can actually receive compensation for.

Suggested free e-books to read:

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Joan Hyatt - Leadership And Military Leadership

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