Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science Volume Iii (357.0 Kb)

Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science Volume Iii Cover Derek Vitalio's book Seduction Science is a must for anyone who is serious about getting with and scoring with women. Seduction Science e-book series was that it's a very well rounded approach to seducing women. Seduction Science is just that the Science of Seduction and unlike some Seduction and Dating books Derek teaches you to come with integrity and honesty.

Seduction Science is a collection of Volumes that teach men how to deal with women from the very begriming to whichever end result that you choose. There are 3 main volumes and a supplement, and each covers a different aspect of seduction.

Derek's book is for anyone who is:

* Looking for a One-Night Stand

* Looking for a Women for the Swinger LifeStyle

* Looking for an Open Relationship

* Looking for a Threesome

* Looking for a Long-Term Relationship

Seduction Science is a great First or Second book on seduction and picking up women as this teaches men how to clear up there Inner Game as well as have fun with women. Every great Seduction master or any man that wants to be the Alpha Man should read this book.

The third book is one of the most detailed log of internet chat seduction I had ever read. It's not exactly a how-to manual, but rather a lot of excerpts from the authors own personal chat seductions of various women. What is really cool is that he writes his own comments (in blue for easier readability) about what he was thinking along the way, explaining what he why he wrote what he wrote. There were even a couple of places where he even talks about things he could have done better. Online seduction isn't for everyone, but I personally have used it to good effect on occasion. If you want some great examples of how to escalate things smoothly over chat, this third book is a great read.

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