Cop Forces Woman To Lactate

Cop Forces Woman To Lactate Cover
A Florida cop named BRANDON LOVERDE, who was moonlighting as a bouncer at the Firestone Live nightclub on December 14, 2009, and directed a woman out of the club, took her to the parking lot, made her sit on the ground, and fondled her breasts until they began to lactate.

Because RACHELLE CORTEZ was currently breastfeeding her baby, her breasts were full of milk. When the cop took her outside, he made her sit on the floor, he went away for a few moments, and then returned with a blue plastic glove and a bottle of water.

He began to fondle her breasts until they started lactating, at which point he told her that he wanted to "suck on them". It was at this point that Rachelle Cortez freaked out. Really? At "point?

BRANDON LOVERDE turned himself in on December 17, 2009, and was released two hours later after posting $5,500 bail.

RACHELLE CORTEZ took a lie detector test to corroborate her story and she passed.

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