Dealing With The Douches

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After browsing Hot Chicks with Douchebags, I realized that there are many more douchebags out there than I realized.

These tactics are not for the weak hearted. They can lead to the douche really having a miserable time. If you've put up with constant cockblocking and general douchebag behavior from this certain guy, then use these tactics at your own discretion.

1. ANYTHING THAT CAUSES HIM TO DEMONSTRATE MATURITY. eg. Get him to meet their mom, set em loose and say her mom loves it when men give her attention. Her mom won't be putting in a good word. (More single women go out with their moms these days, kinda crazy)

2. ANYTHING THAT PUTS HIM UP TO COMPETITION WITH OTHER MEN. eg. Take a girls purse that's sitting on the edge of a bar and push it near the douche. In 90% of the cases, the douche wont help. Call him out on it in a pleasant way, after helping the target.

3. LIVES IN AN IMAGINARY WORLD THINKING HE'S ALL THAT. eg. Challenge him to a pickup challenge on something that is a suicide mission. Convince him that he can do it and that he has mad skills and it's impossible to fail. Pick a woman that has a massive ripped boyfriend that's a true alpha. The douche doesn't have social calibration enough to stop him from doing it.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tyler Durden - Dissecting Shit Tests
Michael Hall - Dealing With The Downside Of Nlp

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