Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Cover
According to a study done in 2005, the average cost of a wedding tops $30,000! If you're a celebrity, that barely even covers the cost of your gown.

A recent list made by Forbes ranked the top 20 most expensive celebrity weddings and we've got the rundown for you:

#20 Nicole Kidman Keith Urban - Estimated $250,000

#19 Marc Anthony Dayanara Torres - Estimated $500,000

#18 Tommy Mottola Mariah Carey - Estimated $500,000

#17 Dario Franchiti Ashley Judd - Estimated $750,000

#16 David Beckham Victoria Adams - Estimated $800,000

#15 Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston - Estimated $1 million

#14 Tori Spelling Charlie Shanian - Estimated $1 million

#13 Donald Trump Melania Knauss - Estimated $1 million

#12 Madonna Guy Ritchie - Estimated $1.5 million

#11 Pierce Brosnan Keely Shaye Smith - Estimated $1.5 million

#10 Eddie Murphy Nicole Mitchell - Estimated $1.5 million

#9 Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren - Estimated $1.5 million

#8 Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones - Estimated $1.5 Million

#7 Elton John David Furnish - Estimated $1.5 million

#6 Christina Aguilera Jordan Bratman - Estimated $2 million

$5 Elizabeth Taylor Larry Fortensky - Estimated $2 million

#4 Tom Cruise Katie Holmes - Estimated $2 million

#3 Elizabeth Hurley Arun Nayar - Estimated $2.5 million

#2 Paul McCartney Heather Mills - Estimated $3 million

#1 Liza Minelli David Gest - Estimated $3.5 million

Want more details? Check out our complete overview of the top 20 most expensive celebrity weddings.

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