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Love is very much like cooking. You can follow a recipe all you want, but the end result differs from person to person and appears comes out as a different result (for better or worse). And the reason this is, is because love is not defined by a set of rules that can be followed to achieve an end result. It is not a mathematical formula of yes or no, it is an ever-flowing art. It is a flexibility that comes with being in love. It is irrational and spontaneous and constantly changing. Go in with an open mind and adapt to the situation. So to answer the question, "What should you say?" Anything you want. It is not the words you say, it is how you say it, and how you deliver it that captures him. The difference between 'hi' and '"hi"' is inextricably different and elicits very contrasting responses.

Many guys hold the belief that girls are boring. But you're not! It's just that the way many women present themselves causes men to think that. We can always kind of tell if you are on your guard, giving us false compliments etcetera. Just as you hate it if we monotonously say, "nice necklace", if you throw boring conversation at us, we can't help but reciprocate leading to a very boring date. Have some fun in the conversation. Talk to him freely and openly. I mean what do you have to lose besides his affection which you would lose anyways if you just sat there like a statue? When he compliments you, which is something he will definitely attempt to do (keyword 'attempt' - if he doesn't he will probably smack himself later at night for being shy), throw him a jaded response and see how he reacts. Don't simply just say 'thank you' and twiddle your thumbs. Keep things lively.

Of course, you should always consider his feelings. Men are very egotistical creatures and do not take well to any stimuli that might affect his self-perception. To breach that void, first allow rapport to occur. Before more personal jokes can be made, a level of comfort must first be established. Do not fall into the trap of feeling that you have to portray a sense of class. Do that through your actions. Allow your words to be filled with warmth and genuineness. Don't simply follow a recipe and churn out a mindless product - put your soul and feelings into it and the result you receive will be so much more magical.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Joseph Matthews - Charm School
Dale Carnegie - The Art Of Public Speaking
Joe Navarro - What Every Body Is Saying

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