Bishop - New Alpha Reports The Black Hole Effect (262.0 Kb)

Bishop - New Alpha Reports The Black Hole Effect Cover Do any of the following sound like you, or a direct opposite of you?

* Out of fifty acres of land, you seem to always step in the one spot that has dog crap.

* Nearly every time you go to a store, you manage to find a parking space near the front.

* Whenever an emergency occurs, you somehow come into the money to pay for it.

* You’ve never so much as dented any car you’ve owned, but every time you borrow someone ELSE’S car, something happens to it.

* When you fly, your flight almost always experiences a serious delay or gets canceled.

* When you want something, you can never seem to find it. But when you don’t care to have something, you seem to have abundant access to it.

* When your friend bets on a game, they almost always win. But when you bet on the same game, you almost NEVER win.

Any of those sound like events in YOUR life? Well, I believe that I have figured out why these things happen.

I call it “The Black Hole Effect.”

Before I get into that, I’m going to give you a quick science lesson, in case you’re not familiar with what a black hole is.

Michael Bishop Emery

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