The Secret Psychology Of How We Fall In Love By Dr Paul Dobransky

The Secret Psychology Of How We Fall In Love By Dr Paul Dobransky Image
I sat down with Doctor Paul to talk about his upcoming book, "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love".


Its called "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love". On the surface its a book for women, but secretly it's all of the science I've learned, all of the techniques of the community, and all I've seen happen there but with a scientific mind. I got the idea to assist women to get a better dating life and relationships, but also to assist men. You've heard of the word feminist, I'm neither a feminist, or a masculinist but a humanist, I believe in getting people together and teaching them to make that happen is the best way.

What's "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" all about?

Alot of guys have said, "When The Game comes out, women will be on to us, they'll know our system and work us out!" It's ridiculous, women want me, a quality man, and men want quality women. There doesn't need to be any war between the sexes. It's my latest and greatest technology and its worlds beyond MindOs (Dr Paul's ebook release), and it teaches us what amounts to courtship. Something that we've lost. It's not a detailed description on how to court, not just physical moves, but psychologically what exact steps are there.

Some people might call it Mystery Method for women, but what it amounts to is e = mc2 for psychology, everyone's heard of it for physics, this is the very same thing in the psychology world, it's very ground breaking. Think of it this way, it's the periodic table of the elements for psychology.

What every dating guru has is a molecule, but i have the elements now. I can explain what works, and what doesn't, thats because i have the elements and not just the molecules. There is a underlying pattern of what works with gurus and what does not. The community and the idea of helping men meet women is a very new idea, and you have little phases in the last century, but very small.

My field is very old, and i think all the best has synthesized and blended, both in the book and live seminars, and other materials are a true combination of all that came before me, and synthesis of bringing together various models of teaching men how to meet women to create one model out of all of them, to express them all. This does the same thing with any method of game. I want men to devise their own "method". You don't need to follow any particular guru to get success, and you can make your own and be wildly successful if you know the fundamentals behind the models, and why they work for some people.


Essentially some of the cases examples in the book are going to describe women who are trying to make there way towards a solid relationship while failing and it illustrates what problems women have, and what traits to stay away from, by having a man's perspective on it. Alot of guys are going to read it, and say "oh! chapter 6 is my ex girlfirend", or "chapter 9 is my ex-wife". So it makes it very very clear why certain dating experiences cause failure, this book explains why, and it isn't vague.

If you devise your own method or game, why would you need anyone to find out about "your game", I don't want guys to have to worry about it. Devise your own and it works perfectly for you.

"The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" helps the guy work on his character and his sexual skills. One thing I found helped when I worked with David Deangelo is sexual attraction, so I've added sexual attraction to the model. What it will essentially do is help any guy with his situation with women. No matter if he's single, married or in a relationship. This will help you relate to them better. Have better and richer relationships with them, sexual or beyond. Another really cool part is that its useful for is reading people. Like how much would you like to tell your future with any given individual women. Guy's meet a really beautiful women, then she turns into a stalker. "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" will help you know with a few simple tests what kind of girl she'll turn out to be, even if she's a cheater. You can tell if she will turn into a cheater or if she'll be focused for you within a few moments of meeting her.

It goes into way more detail about the personality archetypes and how to use them. How to approach people, just by knowing their archetype and how to relate better to them by having that knowledge. Visit to find out what archetype you are.

You can learn to handle any time of formerly vague scenario. Why did I only get a day 1 with this woman? Why did she not call me back? etc etc More specific than "I missed comfort", she said this and you said that, but you missed out on and responded like this. "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" will re-frame your mind and belief system.

Put it this way

Would you love to have a fighter jet in your backyard with a landing strip? Hell yes, I would love to as well. But what if you didn't know how to fly it? That's the way it is with us, we've got this powerful machine that if we could control it and learn how it worked, it would be the funniest thing to have! "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" is the next generation of dating advice, and you can tailor it for you.


Pre-order "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" (May 28th release date). Only $12.

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