Who The Most Eligible Bachelor In New York

Who The Most Eligible Bachelor In New York Cover
Matchmaking company SAMANTHAS TABLE is reaching out to all the eligible bachelors in New York in time for Valentine's Day and would like to unveil these gorgeous available men on the famous day of love.

The requirements are that the men must live or work in the New York area, be single (duh!), be between 30 and 59, and be financially independent (read: rich).

The objective is to celebrate all the wonderful single men that reside and work in New York, and to prove to all the single ladies in New York that yes, "there are some good, single men left in New York".

Once the list is finalized, it will be publicized on _THE HUFFINGTON POST_ and will be followed by a high profile event where all the bachelors will be displayed in all their glory. That's right, I said "displayed".

Friends and colleagues who had the good sense to nominate the bachelors will also be invited to the event, and who knows, they may even meet someone at the shindig themselves.

Just remember; the eligible bachelors will be chosen for more than just being well to do; they will be men who do philanthropic work, travel to unusual places and will also be guys who are nominated by many people.

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