Embryo Implanted In Woman Not Hers

Embryo Implanted In Woman Not Hers Image
A woman and her husband trying desperately for another child finally got their wish - she was pregnant! Unfortunately, the embryo implanted in her was not hers and she has to give the child to the rightful parents once she gives birth.

CAROLYN SAVAGE was ecstatic to discover that after months of trying, she and her husband SEAN SAVAGE were finally pregnant and due to have a child. They already had three and wanted to add another addition to the family.

But because the fertility clinic had implanted the wrong embryo, CAROLYN SAVAGE and her husband must now give up the child she's been carrying for almost 9 months. That sucks.

And because the couple does not believe in abortion, they did not go that route and they do not plan on pushing their way into the baby's life once it is born.

Although this is the last time CAROLYN SAVAGE will be allowed to carry a baby, she will use a surrogate the next time around to have her fourth child.

And I'm guessing she's going to sue the crap out of the fertility company because, you know, that's the American way, dammit!

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