Do You Always Have Fun Or Do You Chase Women

Do You Always Have Fun Or Do You Chase Women Cover
Do you always have fun days? Is every day you spend fun?

When you're hanging out with friends on a Sunday, do you have a good time?

Do you go to places you enjoy? Or do you go to places you hate, just because you think you might meet somebody - for example, standing in a bar, bored out of your mind, hands in your pockets playing pocket pool?

Remember pocket pool? It was something that all young boys used to play all the time during the age when the random boner would pop up out of nowhere.

I remember that random boner stage so well - I remember Lisa Rutman in my 9th grade Spanish class, and how I got a D one semester because I sat next to Lisa Rutman and just stared at those perky breasts the entire semester.

Breasts were quite a fascination to me for quite sometime during my teenage years. I remember one time Mr. McBride called me up and said, "Dav'id," (because we were in Spanish), and he told me to go up to the board and write down an answer from last night's homework.

I had done my homework the night before (one of the rare occasions) but because of the perky breasts and the random boner phase I was in, I was not eager to go up to the front of the classroom right then. He looked at me and said, "Dav'id, you never want to come up to the board, but this time you have to!"

So I had this huge erection that I had no idea what the hell to do with, but luckily I had learned the 'upward tuck' move at a very young age. So I quickly put my hand in my pocket and I took my boner and tucked it up near my belt loop area - the upward tuck.

The problem with the upward tuck is that the boner always starts to do the sideways dance and then you're in trouble. You look like you have a young bulge in your pants.

Luckily that day I was able to keep my boner in the upward tuck while I was up at the board by focusing on my stimulus (Lisa Rutman's breasts.) I limped back to my seat and back into my fantasy world.

But this blog is not about 14-year-old's spontaneous erections. Thank god we no longer have those! Can you imagine sitting in your office cubicle?

Back to the blog: do you have fun in your life? Do you do things that are fun? At the end of the week, do you judge the week based on the amount of phone numbers you got or the number of women you met? Or do you judge it on the amount of great times you had?

We were just walking down Main Street in Santa Monica - something I've done thousands of times. I really enjoy it; I like the shops, I like the people that run the shops.

I hate the drivers around here though. Here is an open note to anyone who drives 31 miles per hour in the left hand lane: if people are honking at you all the time, it's about you! It's not about them! You didn't just happen to drive near all of the assholes on the road, YOU are the asshole! So wake up, use your rearview mirror and check out how many angry drivers are behind you!

So now that we've discussed spontaneous erections and bad drivers let's get back to the matter at hand. So we were on Main Street and just enjoying ourselves. We walked into this one furniture store that I've been into before, and I always seem to take bootcamp guys into - there are a couple of really cute girls that work there!

I went in there, and I looked at a couch, and I said, "that looks really comfortable, do you mind if I sit down and take a nap?" She replied, "sure! No problem," and then she said, "you've been in here before, what's your name?" I told her my name, and she told me hers (which of course I've already forgotten, which is very typical of me) and then we started talking.

Soon another salesgirl and the other guys sat down and then we had a group of people sitting down and talking on the couches while other customers came in that they ignored!

Bottom line: do you have fun? If you have fun, people are going to be attracted to you and your energy.

People aren't going to be attracted to you because you drive 31 in the left lane when the speed limit is 50, and they are definitely not going to be attracted to you if walk around with a random boner in the upward tuck position, but they will be attracted to you if you're having fun!

Todays video goes even deeper into how to create this powerful attraction.

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