Men Get Stupid Around Beautiful Women

Men Get Stupid Around Beautiful Women Image
When men spot beautiful women, they tend to become more accident prone, according to psychologists from the University of Queensland in Australia.

Research proves that just looking at beautiful women makes men more likely to indulge in risks that are physically dangerous in an effort to impress them.

Researchers believe that men do this because of the male hormone testosterone which makes the men spit in the face of caution and opt to make dangerous moves, which usually lead to embarrassment and injury.

After styuding young male skateboarders, and testing them by using both male and female observers, researchers discovered that the young men tended to take more risks when beautiful women were around, and weren't trying to impress to the guys.

Saliva tests then proved that they had elevated testosterone levels when the beautiful women were around.

PROFESSOR BILL VON HIPPEL believes that there's an evolutionary reason for the young men's behavior - it's called sexual display strategy. "'Historically, men have competed with each other for access to fertile women and the winners of those competitions are the ones who pass on their genes to future generations."

"Risk-taking would have been inherent in such a competitive mating strategy. Our results suggest that displays of physical risk-taking might best be understood as hormonally-fuelled advertisements of health and vigor aimed at potential mates, and signals of strength, fitness, and daring intended to intimidate potential rivals."

Fortunately, they don't have to kill an aniomal with their bare hands - they just have to strut their stuff on a skateboard.

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