Ashley Madison To Sue Ashleymadisoncom

Ashley Madison To Sue Ashleymadisoncom Image
Porn star ASHLEY MADISON MYRICK has filed a lawsuit against "cheat on your significant other" website ASHLEYMADISON.COM, claiming that she suffered the humiliation of being linked to a site that promotes infidelity. Because being a porn star has her beaming with pride, but cheating is an attack on her morals.

Of course, ASHLEYMADISON.COM has filed a counter suit against the porn star, claiming that she is using this lawsuit to garner empathy from others and give her porn career a boost.

ASHLEYMADISON.COM has had the name trademarked since 2002, but ASHLEY MADISON MYRICK, the porn star, only adopted the name in 2005, so it looks like someone has some 'splainin' to do.

It's not clear how much the porn star is suing for, but ASHLEYMADISON.COM is suing for $1 million. Stay tuned to see who wins this one.

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