Women Are Proposing To Men

Women Are Proposing To Men Cover
In a twist that can only be called "Hell it's about time!" by men everywhere, it seems that women are getting down on one knee to do the proposing nowadays.

Referred to as the "reverse proposal", it seems that the ladies are getting sick and tired of sitting around waiting for men to do the proposing and so, they are asking for their men's hands in marriage.

And yes, some women are even going so far as buying male engagement rings for their boys to make the moment even more special.

According to a survey done by a jewelry company who promotes the sale of male engagements rings [read: this survey is complete bulltish], 1 in 3 people know a woman who did the proposing.

Some might wonder if women are proposing because they're sick of waiting for the guys to do it. But it's also quite possible that women are proposing because they love their guys and want to spend the rest of their lives with them. Which is the same reason why men propose.

Men must feel such a sense of relief when their women do the proposing.

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