Jewish Man Gets Record 11th Divorce

Jewish Man Gets Record 11th Divorce Image
A 50-year-old Jewish man living in Jerusalem has been granted his 11th divorce, which is a record, according to a Rabbinical court.

The unidentified man decided to split from his 11th wife after she complained that he was unemployed and living off her income. The Jewish man claims that he's been getting married and divorced about every two years or so.

According to the Rabbinical court administration, the Jewish man is persuasive in courting and seducing the women, but once they get married, his courting stops, the women get annoyed and the fighting begin.

Before the women know it, he's dragging them to divorce court.

According to the Jewish Casanova, he has no problems getting women; "I send out a hook in all directions, and the fish come on their own." Wow, sexy.

The previous record for the most divorces by a Jewish Israeli was seven. This man has blown that record out of the water. And I'm pretty sure there's more to come.

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