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SENIORS MEET SENIORS in many different places. At age 58 I met my 61 year old love and we married just 20 months ago. So how did I find him?

Tony and Bee 5th June 2009

I certainly wouldn't have found him in a bar because neither of us go to bars, clubs, dances or parties very much. I wouldn't have found him in a club because we have different tastes. He was a member of a poetry society and a writers' club and I go to art classes and gardening club.

I'm self-employed and don't come into contact with many men day to day. I lived alone for 12 years before I found my life-partner and during some of that time I also worked in a big organisation but men don't wear "I'm single" badges so I didn't do any propositioning there. The only men who ever propositioned me were married! To be successfull offline you have to be where seniors meet seniors and I wasn't so what could I do?

OK, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. I met him on an on-line dating site. It's true that "seniors meet seniors "this way far more often than you would expect. The percentage of happy relationships that begin on line between seniors is growing every year and long may it reign.


You may be very lucky and have friends who know of an eligible male or two. You may find someone of the right age at your club, society or group or at work. If not, starting an on-line relationship can seem daunting if you've never tried it truly is the most common place seniors meet seniors these days.

Here's just a little advice to get you started.

* Be honest with your picture and make it a good one that's just head-and-shoulders - and "smile."

* Be honest in what you write in your profile because it is so hard to have to tell someone later that you told a lie.

* Always meet someone in a public place like a coffee bar where you don't have to spend long with them if you don't like them. Don't start with a dinner date because you could be stuck for hours with a total bore or a loud know-it-all.

* Take a chance! If you are prepared to risk a few hours of your time and kiss a few frogs (not literally) it really is the only way you'll find your prince(ss). They probably won't be the first or even the tenth person you date, so be aware right from the start that you really to have to go through some disappointment at first.

* Have FUN. Enjoy each date for what he or she is. Don't spend time criticizing them in your head. Just enjoy whatever they have to offer and move on fast if you need to.

* Don't date someone a second time if you are sure that they are not right the first time. Learn to say NO if they want more and you don't.

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