Mom Almost Kills Daughter Boyfriend

Mom Almost Kills Daughter Boyfriend Cover
When Palm Beach County's corrections deputy DOROTHEA COLLIER, 48, arrived home and found her 20-year-old daughter having sex with 19-year-old LARRY BUTLER, she barged into her room, punched him in the face 4 times, forced him to his knees and put a gun to his head.

While her daughter begged her not to kill LARRY BUTLER, MICHAEL COLLIER, Dorothea's husband, arrived home and beat his daughter and LARRY BUTLER again, before allowing the young man to get dressed and leave.

DOROTHEA COLLIEr then made a trespassing complaint against LARRY BUTLER, but he had a few complaints of his own and called police to have her arrested. The mom was later arrested and released on $5,000 bail and is currently on paid administrative leave.

I get that it might have been shocking to catch her daughter having sex with someone, but she is 20 years old and opting to kill the young man seems a little extreme.

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