Dating Book Review Why Cant You Read My Mind

Dating Book Review Why Cant You Read My Mind Cover
Why Can't You Read My Mind? By Jeffrey Bernstein

Too many women I know expect their men to be psychic and figure out what they really mean by what they say, and now author JEFFREY BERNSTEIN, with contributor SUSAN MAGEE, address this very issue in" CANT YOU READ MY MIND?

If you find yourself having the same silly fights with your boyfriend or husband over and over again and feel like you're getting nowhere, then this book is definitely going to help you with the very toxic behaviors and thought patterns that are leading to the same arguments" CANT YOU READ MY MIND? will help you point out the toxic behaviors on your end that are sinking your relationship and will serve to teach you how to address the issues that matter and resolve them without having to yell or break anything.

Of course, reading the book won't instantly change your toxic behavior - it will take you some time to make the changes and make them stick, but at least now you'll be equipped with the knowledge of what's causing these issues and the steps you need to take to have a happier relationship.

Reading this book is easy because Jeffrey Bernstein's style is upbeat and fun, and he uses plain English to drive his points home.

And perhaps you don't think that you have anything to do with the problems in your relationship, but after you read" CANT YOU READ MY MIND? , you may change your thought process on that.


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