Will Women Ever Find Mr Right

Will Women Ever Find Mr Right Cover
If this math tutor in the UK has anything to say about it, there's a good chance that you'll never find Mr. Right. Hey, at least he's not sugar-coating it.

Soyeah, you're better off settling for the next best thing rather than holding out for the absolute best thing because:


Now that's just depressing, I agree. But hey, at least there are plenty of men out there that almost meet the criteria, right? Right?

So now, instead of sitting around pining over the one that got away or blaming yourself for being single, you can chalk it all down to mathematical statistics. It's not your fault. He's just not out there, and if he is, your chances of running into him are slim to none.

But then, maybe these stats are actually based on the fact that even the most perfect of men still requires a bit a tweaking for all of us.

Mr. Right seems to be nothing but a figment of our imaginations because let's face it; even the women who claim to have found the right guy have undergone some relationship surgery to hone it into what they want.

And if it wasn't him that they changed, then they certainly made some alterations to themselves.

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