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Antonio Sabato Reality Show Cover
If anyone remembers ANTONIO SABATO JR., it sure ain't for his acting skills. ANTONIO SABATO JR. starred as Jagger on the hit "General "and then modeled underwear for CALVIN KLEIN before doing a couple of crappy movies.

Well because the world [read: women] has not tired of looking at him, ANTONIO SABATO JR. is starring in a dating competition called in which 13 women compete for his affection, and it airs on Sunday nights on VH1

It's obvious that ANTONIO SABATO JR. is trying desperately to hang onto his looks - the teeth whitening, Botox and over-tweezing give him away. And the chicks... well, they've had a couple of procedures done as well.

The show takes place in Hawaii, and his mother and ex-wife also make appearances and sabotage his efforts at finding "true love".

Many things make the show laughable but the award winners are:

ANTONIO SABATO JR. cuts one woman for wearing open-toe sandals

He dumps another because his mother makes him

One bachelorette is obsessed with the notion that the other women want to steal her clothes

And one woman is like that chick in Seinfeld who cried about everything. Everything.

It's obvious that Antonio is just trying to hang on to the limelight for those last 15 minutes, but it makes me kind of sick that the F-list celebs are taking the limelight away from the nobodies who strive to be on reality shows.

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