Are Canadian Men Wusses

Are Canadian Men Wusses Cover
An international student living in Canada has noticed a glaring difference between the men from her native Bahamas and men in Canada.

Seems the men in Canada are much more laid back when it comes to women and dating, and are more than willing to LET THE WOMEN MAKE THE MOVES.

The dating scene in the Bahamas, as well as in Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America, has the man doing the pursuing and the woman waiting to hear what he has to say. But in Canada, the men will sit back and stare at a woman all night but never make the move to ask her out.

This is very nerve wracking for women who are used to being pursued by testosterone-fueled men. Coming to a country where the men don't do the asking and where they're happy to let the women make the moves is a little unsettling, I bet.

Of course, not all Canadian men are this way, but I'm guessing it happens often enough that someone thought they should write about it.

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