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Here are a few encouraging stories from comments past:


Two and a half years ago, I was at a club in Grand Rapids, Michigan where there were tons of beautiful blonde I'm walking around the dance floor, I make eye contact and smile at possibly the hottest women there (HB 9.5/10). When she smiles back, I immediately walk up, introduce myself (which I usually wouldn't do right away, but because it was a dance floor and she already smiled back, I felt okay doing so), tell her I like her moves and begin dancing. At first, we're moving slow but little by little, it becomes more of a tight grind.

After almost blowing my load on the dance floor (I wish I had a picture to verify how hot she was), I back off for a second and tell her that I'm going to step outside and cool down (it was pretty hot in there) and asked if she wanted to join me. She agrees, so we go on the patio (this is where it gets interesting...)

Once we're outside, I begin to chat with one of her guy friends who she came to the club with. It turns out that he was in grad school with the time, I'm 23 and it's pretty obvious that nobody will think I'm older than 26-27 at most. So this guy definitely gave me the impression that it was funny that I'm dancing with her (I thought she was probably around 33-34).

A few minutes later, I'm with the HB again and we're chatting about her grad school program among other things. After telling me that she worked for a LONG time before going to grad school and implies that she was old, I say, "I'm sure you're not that old..." She replies, "how old do you think I am?" and I guess, "32, 33?" - she says, with a smirk "try 46..."

I play it cool. Aside from the fact that she already had shown a number of IOIs to me, I had hooked up with an old coworker in the past, who (at the time) was 31 (when I was 21) and happened to also be a stripper before we worked together. This prior experience instilled a great deal of confidence in me, which prepared me for the moment I was in. So, we keep talking about how she used to be married to a model and how he used to cheat on her all the time. And she also tells me that she has an 11-year old daughter (weird that the daughter will closer to my age than she was).

After talking for a while, we go back on the dance floor and end up making out while grinding. The bar soon closes and I walk with her to the empty parking garage where her yellow BMW convertible is parked. Since I already had made out with her on the dance floor, it was easy to continue our business on top of her BMW. We end up in her ride for a while(turns our she had breast implants, btw) and after doing so, I realize that I a) I hooked up with someone twice my age, b) I got with someone who was older than my mom, and c) I closed a MILF who was born in the 1950s.

Unfortunately, I was only in town for the night (had a friend's wedding the next day), so I never got to see her again. But it was definitely a time I will never forget.

EUGENE ON JANUARY 31, 2007 4:54 PM

Field Report: 01/14/07 - Approaching: getting better only comes with practice

Today, I really studied up on dating techniques, on approaching, on the whole process, trying to remember as much as I could from what I found on the PUA online community. So I was determined to not let another day pass by, that today I would go, even if only for an hour and a half, to meet girls and have fun and good conversations with them. I want to get better at approaching girls, so there's never a better time to start practicing than now. This isn't just the 'hi' program anymore. Today I'm going to engage some girls and I'm putting out when I'm meaning stimulating conversation. Most girls have extremely boring lives everywhere they turn, and being the caliber guy that I am, meeting me can only add to their lives. I am a problem solver. If there's any problem worth solving, I will solve it. I have a problem in not having as much interaction with girls as I would like so today I took the 3pm bus to the garden's mall. There would be plenty to see, lots of shops to eat and drink coffee. I've got paper and a pen so if I'm extroardinary today, I might get some digits. So I'm off, the ride there was pretty boring and my palms kept sweating and freezing over periodically. I'm in a great mood. I get up and go. I said hi to probably around 8 girls total. I mouthed hi to another 5. I got four suggestive facial expressions. I had conversations with four girls. I had 32 missed opportunities and 4 taken opportunities. I'm getting better. I can improve by ignoring the presence of a wedding ring, as I can have a good conversation either way. Besides, I could care less if some loser's hot wife cheats on him to give me a great night of sex. I get a little shy when a girl is with a guy-friend as I'm not sure how to handle the guy without fighting. I can fight and win, no problem, but I'm not out here to fight and get kicked out. I'm here to meet girls. Some of the older ones are into me too. There was one that looked at me as if she would practically rape me if I just gave her a minute of attention. She must have been about 38-45. Still somewhat sexy, but way way older than me. Today was definitely a booster. So it was about fifteen minutes until I had to be at the bus stop and I hadn't had any solid opportunities or desires for a number-close, so I decided that I wouldn't be out sitting on a bench alone, but would go and find another girl to have a conversation with. So I took an escalater upstairs. I could hear the girls on the opposite escalater talking about me, saying how they liked 'that cute guy' and giggling. It was apparent that they were talking about me. I just pretended I didn't notice and that I was just Mr. Cool waiting for my escalator to reach the top. So I got up top, scanned the area and started walking. I didn't see anyone at first. I was determined now that regardless of circumstances, the next girl approximately my age would be opened. I just passed her. From a distance, she appeared to be a HB6, but when I came closer, I found that she was definitely an HB8 or 9. She was standing all alone right outside the entrance to FYE (some DVD place), hiding behind her hair, starting to reach into her enormous purse. She didn't notice me yet. I was just 10 feet away from her. I made a sharp determined U-turn and approached her. Within three seconds I was right in front of her. I said 'Hi'. At first surprised, pleasantly surprised, she replied cautiously with a 'hi', but put her purse aside. We were looking right into each other's eyes at two-feet distance, it was subliminal. Then I started talking and she listened attentively. Here's the dialog that ensued:

Hi. (hi) I need a female perspective on something. (ok) I was just in the bookstore looking for a book on turbo-props for my internship. (uhu) Before I could find it, I ran into the relationships area of the bookstore, (uhu) and one book in particular caught my eye: "Why Men marry Bitches". (shock, disbelief, and lol) *with a straight face* So, tell me, why do you think men marry bitches? -lol- (lol some more...i dunno) What are you doing standing around over here? (Oh, I'm waiting for my...Mom and brother, and grandmother to pick out a movie.) So are you a techno-phil, err, so does that mean you're a technophobe? (Oh no, I just got tired of waiting for them to make up their mind) What's your favorite? (movie? I think..) No...Whats your favorite genra? (Comedy) Do you like Tom Hanks? (Oh yes, he's my favorite! *surprised look*) Yea, he's a good actor. I was just watching Terminal yesterday. (I don't think I've seen that one) Tom Hanks plays a foreigner who came to the U.S. and he got stuck in the airport..(ohhhh ok, I think I know which one you're talking about now) And he tries to get out, and then he can't and then he can, and then he can't, so they're realling messing with him (-agreeing-) Yea, it's not much of a storyline. I think it's the actors that really made it a great movie (yea, Tom Hanks, and....he's the best, number one...) Then who's number two? Well, it doesn't matter who's number two, because he's not number one. (agreeing, lol) Actually, I think the fling between Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones really gave the movie it's energy. Wouldn't you say so? (*brightens up*) Do you like to travel? (umm, yea...) Where was the last place you went? (Well, I just moved here from New Jersey) Oh, really? How do you like it here, with as warm as it is all the time? (Well, it's definitely different from Jersey, a lot warmer) Yea, I always loved the northern weather and the snow. (Yea, I was surprised that most people down here have never seen snow!) So what did you do up there? Did you snowski? ( Snowboard? ( Then what did you do?!?! (I sledded!) What? Did you like jump out into your backyard or something? (something like that...) I'm from up north too, way north (*intrigued* where?) Do you know where Ukraine is? (, I don't. where is it?) Try Europe, eastern Europe. I moved here when I was 4. (Oh really?, her little brother and father show up) Well I had a great time talking to you. (Me too) See you around. (Bye!)

I had a great time talking to her, and I told her so. From what I can tell about body language, and from the extent to which she opened up to me, told about her personal life and overall brightened up, she did too! We were both a little bummed out that her family showed up at such a moment, but I learn from mistakes. I don't care how incredible the girl is, I'm not getting involved with a girl's family unless it's mairrage, which in itself is an EXTREMELY unlikely thing to happen. Earth would probably get hit by an asteroid sooner than I would hitch up. I definitely don't need the extra hassle. I took the best response I could come up with, and that was an honorable exit before her old man starts interrogating, critisizing and getting fussy. I have better things to do than compete with some 7ft tall dude over a girl I just met. I left the scene undaunted and feeling good about myself. I will probably never see that girl again, but if I do, who know's where it might go?

ANDREW ON JANUARY 31, 2007 4:57 PM

I was at an audition for a play and I was finished talking to the director since I have worked with her before and there was rehearsals for another play going on at the same time. There was a huge pack of girls my age and I guess since I was making my director laugh telling a funny story that happened when I was once in New York, I guess somehow I looked entertaining to all of these women. About 2 minutes into the story I had about 5 girls talking to me at the same time, each hot in there own way. It was absolutely insane! I never get this kind of attention. Women were talking to me, I didn't have to do anything. Well anyways one girl stood out the most who was the most talkative and so we chatted about the usual stuff. I didn't know her name or last name and she wanted to go out with me. She gave me her number and then a couple days later we go out. This was a pretty crazy night for me. (By the way, I got the part I auditioned for)..


I was at a DJ Breaks Night in London Bridge with a girlfriend of mine. Well we are dancing away having some fun. I'm doing a style of Dance called the Melbourne Shuffle, which is fair enough as I'm from Australia. I turn my head anti clock wise looking over my left shoulder and in a crowd of about 300 people I see a HB9, dancing like someone has poured oil over her. Our eye's entangle from 15 feet, the crowd appears to disperse. I instantly but casually rotate my body and slowly make strut my way to her, with the gap between our eye's shortening. Now I'm in her personal space. I pull her into me and smell the nape of her neck. Step back, then look approvingly at her whole body. I pull her back in and it's on. I never spoke a single word to her. Twenty minutes later I left her and went back to my friends. This was the day I learned the power of body language and confidence. Trust your instincts.

ROB ON FEBRUARY 1, 2007 3:50 PM

Ok, I'm pretty new to the whole PUA scene and its lingo, and while my story may be tame or even lame to some, I had great fun. I had just gotten some stuff from the Mystery Method and from David DeAngelo and one of the things that was mentioned was go out into the field and just DO this stuff, so I called up a buddy of mine and told him to meet me at the local bar. We arrive about the same time and shoot the breeze for a bit and start walking around, and we end up in the basement of this bar where there is a bunch of billiards tables, dart boards, and of course, a bar. Well, it's Saturday night and the place is jumping, hardly any seats anywhere, and I spy a couple seats next to a couple women at a table. I figure I'm not out to actually pick anyone up, just to have a drink, a good time with my friend, and see if any of this stuff actually works. So I walk over and ask the women if any of the seats around them are taken and they tell me only one is, that some dude had been sitting there, but that he had wandered off. I say, "Screw him," and sit down with my buddy. The women giggled a little bit when I said that, and I didn't really care either way about them giggling or about the wandering guy who just lost his seat to me.

So I'm sitting there, not looking at the women, talking to my bud, and on the inside, I'm screwing up the courage to open these women for real, well nothing works but to do it, and so screw it, I did. I had started with my back to them while bsing with my friend and now I turned enough to look over my shoulder at them and I opened them with "Who lies more" opener and wouldn't you believe it? Not only did it grab their attention, but they both turned to face me, all smiles. So I ask them who lies more, and they blah blah about men do, which didn't really matter to me and I busted on both of them about being "typical bitter women" while smiling just a crack and they start laughing. The conversation turned to Seinfeld with me quoting some Costanza to them and the one woman next to me, I had been pretty much ignoring (she was my "target"), she pipes up something off the wall about being a huge Lakers fan when she was younger, and that she knew all the players names, stats, etc. I picked up on this and busted on her for being a stalker and probably having a shrine in her room to all these guys, and I even moved my chair away from her and said loud enough for her and her friend to hear, "not another one", while looking at my friend. Her friend really cracked up at that one, like I hit the nail on the head or something, and from there I was "in". My target starts up with touching of the my arm, and then my leg, to which I'm staring at her hand and telling her, "hands off the merchandise, this shit ain't free", and she's laughing the whole time. She kept texting somebody and I busted her on that and accused her of having calluses on her thumbs from so much texting, and I told her to give me her hands so that I could feel her thumbs, which she readily gave me her hands, and that started a whole banter about calluses and whatnot. Incidentally, I found out that the guy she was texting was somebody she was supposed to meet, and she kept putting him off, making excuses so that she could stick around and stay in the conversation. Eventually she had to leave and I said, "Hey! Give me your phone number, we'll continue this conversation another time." I stuck out a drink napkin and my pen, and she wrote it down. Pretty amazing stuff considering I wasn't really trying for a number or any results whatsoever, I was just going out to see if this stuff works and to have fun. This stuff REALLY works.

TONY ON FEBRUARY 2, 2007 9:58

am ok, so i went to a rave one night because my friend dragged me along. she's really into this scene so i thought i'd try it out. so people are dancing and glowsticking and blah blah blah. wasn't sure if i was ready for that whole thing yet so i go and sit down against a wall next to this damn cute girl, about 20 or so. she is all decked out in hippie stuff, not my normal bag, but whatever, hot is hot. i start up a conversation that ends up going for a bit, a half hour or so, then i tell her i have to go. walk around a bit, find my friend, we dance, etc. so a few hours later i run into this girl again (or she runs into me i guess) and grabs me to go sit down again. so i'm escalating kino, building comfort. another hour goes by. we do this process one more time (me leaving, her finding me) and then finally my friend comes and finds me, with hippie girl in my lap, telling a story. she's tired and wants to go back to our other friends house, and has found a boy. i get up to go, but hippie girl grabs my arm and writes her name and number on my forearm in sharpie. so we are driving back with my friend, her boy, and boy's friend. boy's friend looks pretty bummed, so i start asking him what is wrong. he tells me he's having one hell of a shitty night, he came here with his girlfriend, she was really cold towards him about halfway through the night, and whenever he would find her, she would disappear somewhere. anyways i guess at the end of the night, his gf breaks up with him, tells him he is loser and walks away. i feel for the guy. "shit buddy, don't worry about it, she was probably some stupid broad anyways."

buddy looks a little pissed,

"you tell me, her name is written on your arm".


JOE ON FEBRUARY 2, 2007 12:37 PM

It's hard to forget the embarrassing moments in life. Sometimes they fill you with regret and shame, even complete disgust. They're so shameful that the bad memory is embedded into your head and makes you wish it never happened.

But my embarrassing kissing memory doesn't involve humiliation or shame; in fact, it involves nothing but good memories and the gratitude that it did happen in a most humorous and embarrassing way!

The night began innocently enough. I was celebrating a going-away party with my friends, so obviously it was a very emotional night. But it was also full of fun and joy, as all of us were having a great night drinking and partying. I was probably having the most fun of everyone, as I was at a fantastic lounge in The Big Apple, the music playing was awesome, and the vibe was just fantastic.

I was prancing around the bar, grooving to the great tunes at the bar, and, of all things, pretending to be a crab! So I'm walking around all funny-like, imitating, of all things, a crab, when I see this gorgeous girl laughing at me. I was stunned by her beauty and even more by the fact that she seemed interested! So, full of confidence and more than a few shots of Jack Daniel's, I walked like a crab up to her: cocky, confident and...well, not tall, but short. Because, you know, I was being a crab, right?

So I introduced myself as she laughed and asked me about my funny "crab walk." To all you guys: This is a great conversation-starter and attention getter! Who doesn't notice a guy walking around and dancing like a crab?

I told her that this was just something that came naturally to me. My mother was a crab, so it's just the way I naturally walk. Teasing her (a great turn-on), I asked, "Do you have a problem with my crab ancestry? Huh? Are you racist?"

This provoked a big laugh, and got our meeting off to a fantastic start. Humor really is a powerful aphrodisiac that we guys should use to full effect. Ladies, it doesn't hurt to use some funny lines and body language on guys, either.

So this girl, Melissa, and I chatted all night. As the night was dwindling, the music got really good, we danced a bit, and the romantic tension rose. As we were cuddling, she asked me how crabs kiss. Naturally, this was a great opportunity to be funny. I had gotten to know her by being funny, so why not escalate the romance by being funny, too?

"Well," I said, "crabs actually have a rather fascinating way of kissing. First, they of course have to assume the natural 'crab walk' position." So I bended my knees outwards and stooped down like a crab, falling several inches short of her. This caused a laugh.

"Next," I said, suddenly feeling the effects of nearly 8 hours' worth of alcohol, "they take the girls' hands with their pincers." So I grabbed her right hand in a pincer-like fashion, digging slightly into her skin. She giggled.

Things were getting really good, and I could see in the sparkle of her eye that she was more than just a little excited. It was truly becoming a night to remember.

So what happens when you're having the time of your life, flirting with a gorgeous girl, and getting ideas of how the night will end?

You do something really, really, really embarrassing, of course! Guess that's just the way life keeps us in check.

"What happens next?" Melissa asked me in a deep, flirty voice.

"Well," I intoned in my best impersonation of James Bond. "Then, we...uh....." I suddenly blanked out as I felt the unwise mix of Jack Daniel's, Rolling Rock beer, sangria, and wine hitting my head. I started to stumble, but not in my entertaining crab manner. This was not deliberate stumbling like the crab walk-it was stumbling that comes from too much Jack D's and not enough food and water! Before I knew it, in front of this hot beauty I was trying desperately to attract with humor and aplomb...

I dropped backwards on the floor!

Immediately Melissa jumped out of her seat to see if I was okay. I was a bit out of it, but I didn't pass out. She rushed to give me water as I turned bright red. This was really embarrassing...I had totally blown it by looking like a drunk idiot. All I could see as she bended over to help me and give me water was my chances of seducing this gorgeous woman slipping away...

Until something amazing happened. She asked me with a grin, "Is falling backwards on your ass the next way that crabs kiss?" Suddenly the ominously grey clouds parted and sunshine began to pass through!

I could have blurted out something stupid and sheepish like, "No, no, that's not the way they do it...I'm sorry," or "Man, I really messed up, didn't I?" That would have completely buried my chances of seeing the romance continue. But I guess the alcohol didn't totally wipe out my brain cells, as I still had enough say something witty and funny. I had been given that one moment when you can either make or break the mood, and somehow found the words to pass the test: "Actually, it is. You see, crabs have this ritual where they drop to their floor, hard on their ass, particularly after drinking much wine, while the female crab bends over to give the male crab a big, wet kiss that heals his boo-boo."

Melissa laughed, impressed that I could see the humor in the situation and not be too embarrassed. If you can turn a potentially humiliating experience into a funny one girls (or guys) can laugh about for years, only good things will happen.

And they did. Melissa said, "Well, then I guess I have to give you a good old crab kiss and heal your boo-boo." She leaned over and gave me one of the most fantastic kisses I can ever remember. It didn't last that long, though, because we soon burst out laughing at how silly the whole episode was. How could a guy who walked around like a CRAB catch the attention-and the attraction-of a girl who could have been a model?

By humor, of course. I remember that kiss more for how much it made Melissa laugh than for the kiss itself. Which just goes to show you: Funny moments can make a kiss all the more memorable! Don't be afraid to look at the humor that so-called "embarrassing" moments might just find that they make the moment even more special

MARK ON FEBRUARY 5, 2007 6:24 AM

I had just completed reading David D. DYD and really excited about finally figuring out how women worked! I memorized a couple opinion openers to go and test out : "Who lie more, men or women"; "Who's the smarter Sex"; "Whos sexier Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise"

I drive straight to the shopping mall, and start walking around with my radar up. After just a few minutes I spot a really cute I girl. I start walking toward her. The weirdest thing happening: My hands begin to tremble, I get a lump in my throat, I start sweating a little and a flood of thoughts just start pouring into my head : What if her BF is around, What if she laughs at me, What if other ppl see me approach and bomb-Will they think I'm a loser? I keep walking....right past her.LOL. I'm too scared.

I take a deep breath and keep walking. "OK Mark, its OK. You'll be fine. All women are into you, you're the greatest catch out there", I say to myself under my breath. I spot a two set "I can do this, I can do this...", the lump is back, "what am I doing I can't do this, this stuff is only for other people". I walk right past them. I refuse to give up, I walk toward them- and end up walking past them, again. Although this time, I'm so consumed by the fear that I accidentally bump into someone.

"I'm so sorry. Are you OK?" We say in UNISON. We both laugh.

Me : "Its cool, I know you just wanted to touch me", I say teasingly.

Her: "LOL", covers her mouth and looks away.

Me : "You know I don't like it when women treat me like a piece of meat - I have feeling and emotions too." I say like a drama queen(I'm still scared but I have to fake calm and relaxed)

Her : She's killing laughing alot now.

Me : I keep a straight face(I remember what David says about never acting too happy) And look at her with a raised eyebrow.

Her : "You're so funny", and she touchs my arm

Me : I look at her touch my arm, I look at her and say - "You know its too early in the relationship to be touching. I want a divorce."

Her : "A divorce, what are you talking about we just met!"

Me : "You're right it's over", I start to walk away. (Okay, Mark now turn around and ask for her number...but what if she say's NO, I don't care just do it, I think to myself.) I turn around :"Hey whats your e-mail address"

Her: "Err...I don't know... "

Me : "OK, fine" I walk away. (Ahh, I told you not to try this stuff)

Her: She runs to me, gives me her bussiness card : "You're interesting call me sometime" - Smiles and leaves.

I'm thinking, YAY YAY YAY, this stuff really works. I do two more appraoches although not as successful, I still had FUN.

Moral of the Story - "Steal her frame"

RICKY ON FEBRUARY 6, 2007 12:42 PM

I was up at Penn State a couple weekends ago and was very excited about sarging some of the drunk sorority girls. So I roll up there with a guy friend and two chicks. Immeadiately I leave them and start talking to random girls with ok success. After about fifteen minutes I get into a two set and it looks like I can take things wherever I want. I see that my AFC friend and the two girls are relatively close so I run some game on these other girls I'm talking to and before I know it, I'm making out with both of them, in front of my friends. It was almost hard not to smile or laugh while I was kissing them because my friends are cracking up. Afterwards my AFC friend gave me mad props..."I've been here for a whole year and that's never happened to me and you come here for fifteen minutes and you're making out with two chicks." I felt very good afterwards lol.

THE Q ON FEBRUARY 6, 2007 3:19 PM

It about 18 degrees outside and V day rapidly approaches. I sit in my 4 walled cell aka cubicle reflecting and fearful of yet another lonely V day in the frigid East coast winter. The Approach, wow, the most unrealistic, yet real fear in my life. This coming from an accomplished martial artist, who grew up in a small city that once had the dubious honor of being the murder capital of the country (EPA,CA), I've hang glided from almost two thousand feet, I've been shot at, I've been robbed at gun point. But none seem to invoke the fear of approach I now suffer. In December of 2006, a trip to visit family, I did actually open my mouth an spoke with a young woman that seated her self next to me on the plane... captive audiences are easy. I was actually attempting, even if badly, to execute some of the techniques I have been learning. The conversation flowed from chatter, to serious, to hollarious, to silence and chatter again. As the flight comes to an end, and self talk begins an internal jihaad. I must close, get a number, get a email address, get something... NO, NO, NO, just say it was good to meet you and enjoy your time in Oakland. Oh I'm so weak... after a some heavy sweating, and deep breathes. I search for a pen, and grab a napkin. I write down my email and phone number, rip the napkin in half, hand her the blank have and the pen an say nothing... heart pounding... she immediately take the pen and paper and does the same. Ahhhhhhhhhh... we exchange sheets, chat a little and say good byes... it really works.


This is an honest to goodness pick up story. You'll know it's true because NO ONE could ever make something like this up! lol!

Please don't disqualify me because I wasn't CONSCIOUSLY using any of the Major PUA's tactics. I didn't know about any of them when this happened.

I was 32-33 and she was a 19 year old cutie at the University of MIchigan. I used to rent cars from the Hertz branch at the hotel where she worked. I rented pretty much every weekend to keep the mileage off my car which was a nice sports car. So, I'd see her every weekend. Either her or this other manager dude. They were the only two I remember working there.

One day she said "You never take me for a ride in your" (my sports car.) I took note of it but didn't say anything either way.

What I decided to do was wait until next week, when I would likely see her again, and prepare myself to close the deal.

I came in the following week, she checked me in and went to get my rental. I didn't say a word. I didn't try to remind her of wanting a ride. I just pretended like last week didn't happen.

As soon as the checkout was finished, and I had my keys, I said

"Thanks, see you next week."

She said:

"'re NEVER gonna give me a ride, are you?"

Fully prepared, I responded without missing a beat..

"Do you just want to go for a ride around the block, or do you want


She stammered and stuttered, clearly caught off guard not only by my response but my the FORCE with which I delivered it. (Remember, I was ready this time.)

She said:

"D-do something, I guess."

I said:

"Fine, what time do you get off work on Monday?" (This was the day I'd be bringing the rental back.)

She said:

"Six O'clock."

I said:

"Ok, I'll be there then and we'll go get a movie." Then I just took off.

Monday at 6:00pm I roll in.

She's all dressed up in a dress and looking really good.

I drop off the rental, throw her into my car, we go to the movie rental place. I let her pick one out and I picked the other. She picked some DEMONIC terror movie (lol!) I went for the romantic 'chick flick' (Hey, I didn't think we'd get to either movie and I was right.)

We drive right back to my place (Not much of a joy ride in my vehicle. Total elapsed mileage: maybe 4 miles.)

We come into my place, put on the movie, within ten minutes we were making out and within 15 I was INSIDE of her. And literally, as I was just entering, I heard a VERY FAINT tap at the door.

Now, if you're like me, when you're getting intimate with a chick, even if you hear sounds or THINK you are hearing them, you just blow them off cause nothing is going to get in my way at this point. I actually thought at first that I was just hearing things so I continued.

But the sounds continued. I got off her, went to the door, made sure it was double bolted and said:

"Who is it?"

"Is Lisa in there.. This is Jeff her boyfriend."

It turns out that OTHER guy at the Rental place was HER boyfriend! lol!

She COMPLETELY FREAKED out, got up, frantically attempting to pull up her panty hose while simultaneously trying to hide in my hallway closet.

I knew who the dude was and he kept calling me by the name on my Driver's License (which I don't go by) and I just said:

"Dude, get the hell out of here and quit bothering us or I'll call the cops"

He didn't listen and threatened to KEY my SWEET ride.

So, I DID call the cops.

They came, a lady cop came to my door (with the girl still trying to hide in my closet. It was a BIG walk in but there was SOO much junk in there she didn't really fit right in.

I opened the door for the cop, drenched in sex sweat, jeans and no shirt.

The lady cop was starting to get INTO ME. lol! She wanted to come in and check out my apartment!

I was like:

"Why? just go out and find that crazy dude and make sure he doesn't jack with my car."

Finally, things settled down, she got dressed, explained that it was indeed her boyfriend. I spirited her out the Living room window, met up with her outside the complex and drove her home.

I never found out HOW he knew, but I have to figure she MUST'VE told him without telling me ANYthing. Nice!

I never saw her again until about 2 years later. I just had come back from Mexico, I was in my same car and we ran into each other on campus.

I said:

"Want to come over?"

She said:


She spent the night this time. That was the LAST I've ever seen her...


Wow, those are some good stories... I wish I had that kinda luck with women. Here's another one for you to ponder my talent (or luck depending on how you want to look at it lol) Anyways, I was at a theatre camp and I had wanted to talk to this one girl and I needed a great pep talk so a buddy of mine says okay since you may never see her again just go up talk about something in general and close it.. He gave some other encouraging words (I felt like I was in a high school football movie at the state final game lol) I just go up to her and I talk to her and ask how the camps been for her and how her summer was just little chat and then I said I had to go and asked for her email and then slid in the phone number (David D's trick.. Thank you David!)... This didn't last more then 3 minutes or at least it felt short..

Even though things didn't work out for either of my stories, you always learn more from your experiences, both your successes and your failures, especially your failures. They may be short, and you may not even believe my stories are real, but they are real and I said them as real as I could. Thank you

KEN ON FEBRUARY 6, 2007 6:21 PM

I went out sarging last night with a new wing I met. It was my first time out specifically to sarge in a long time.

My wing is relatively new to the community, but he was surprizingly very good at opening. He was opening sets while I came over to wing. Most of the interactions were going very well, but I felt I needed to practice opening, which I did do sucessfully a few times that night.

Anyway, there were a few odd trends occuring last night that seemed a bit odd to me. Soulsero discovered a really easy way to open a set. He just went up to girls that were playing this one photohunt game and we just started joining in their game. This happened a couple of times.

Also was the odd trend of girls trying to kick my ass. Throughout the night I was punched, pushed, grabbed forcefully, and otherwise attacked. I even found one girl that demonstrated self-defense moves on me. She moitioned me to come close and then grabbed the back of my neck. Then pulled me in closer. She was looking at me as though she were about to kiss me... WRONG! She squeesed a pressure point and twisted my whole body around. I mean it fucking hurt. Turns out she was a cop or something.

I even had girls I just started talking to that seemed to want to brawl. Saying things like "oh, you wanna go" in that sort of way. I interpretted all this as playful and framed it as such. I can't imagine any of these girls would have seriously gotten in to a fight with me, and the interactions were playful up until that point. I even started saying things by the end of the night like "you want to fight me too, why does every girl I talk to tonight try to kick my ass?" in a playful way of course.

KEN ON FEBRUARY 6, 2007 6:22 PM

A few weeks ago an old female friend from high school found me on myspace and made a friend request. She was a girl that I had a big crush on in high school, but I was too inexperienced and wussy to ever get anything except a small kiss.

I send her a message to catch up and see what's going on. After a few e-mails I find out some interesting things: she is an exotic dancer, she is bi, and the most surprizing thing... she was really into me back in high school. Apparently in high school I was so used to being put in friend zone and lacked so much confidence, that whenever she showed interest I assumed she was just a tease.

She was in Arizona though (far from me in Wisconsin) so I didn't think anything would happen unless she came back to her hometown. Because I felt little fear of loss I tried some hardcore flirting to 1. see if she was still interested, and 2. Present my reformed-wuss personality to her. She kept saying things like "this is so not like you". I could tell she liked it though.

Even though she was somehow attracted to me back in the day even though I was a wuss most of the time... I knew she would have been in total control of the relationship, had we actually gone out back then.

Anyway I get sick for a week or so and the messages stop coming. Just for the hell of it, I sent her a message a few days ago, and yesterday, she out of the blue, calls me up (I gave her my number in one of our earlier messages). I am out of town and don't recognize the number, so I wait until I get home and check my voicemail. I find out it's her and decide to check my myspace messages before returning the call.

Sure enough, I had to new messages from her. In the first one she told me that she was now back in my city, among other things. I call her up and we chat for a bit. She asks if we can meet up and I say "ok I need to take care of a few things, but I'll probably swing by later." Afterall I couldn't look too eager.

I'm looking like shit so I shower, change, and shave. I head on over and just try and be as relaxed as possible. Usually I get nervous and worked up over these types of situations, but last night I just felt comfortable. I didn't really have to game her too much at this point. I just laid back, had fun and threw in the occasional cocky funny comment when applicable.

She was staying with some friends in town but I knew they would be leaving soon so I just played it cool until they left. She put in a movie, and shortly into it I started doing some mild flirting and kino, as I could tell that she was into me. There were those tense moments where I could tell she wanted to kiss me but I tried to build up more sexual tension rather than go in for the kiss right away. In the end she ended up kissing me in mid sentence.

I proceeded to further escalate. Got my hand into her pants and she said I was going to make her horny in a way that made it sound like a bad thing. I took this as LMR because I knew it was on. To make a long story short, due to the logistics of the house we ended up in my parked car outside. I got the f-close technically, but the sex posistioning in the car sucked so we didn't get much out of it. She said "We'll need to plan another time so I can properly rape you."

KEN ON FEBRUARY 6, 2007 6:23 PM

Alright this may not have been the most solid game in the world but it worked.

So, last Saturday my buddies and I threw a bachelor party for my friend who is soon to be married. Long story short, we drink at a couple bars and eventually end up at a strip club.

Now typically I don't like going to strip clubs with guys who just throw all their money at the dancers. I used to do that at one time too before learning seduction, but it only left my desire to attract beautiful women as empty as my wallet at the end of the night. But, I figured that this was a party for my buddy so we would show him a good time, even at our expense.

I really wasn't planning on actually running any game on the dancers, becuse I wanted my friend having a good time to be my utlimate priority. Well, maybe this was the proper attitude to have, idk.

Anyway, I decided early on to avoid the tip rail, where there is way too much pressure from my buddies to tip constantly. Instead I just chilled with my friend with the most game of the whole group. He has not studied any TMM or seduction as far as I know, but just seems to "get it" better than most people I know. So basically I am just relaxed and having a great time with my "natural" friend and the bachelor, basically ignoring all the strippers.

At some point, one of the dancers came by to talk to our table (as they usually do when they want tips). Funny thing is nobody tipped her and she kept talking to us. She would leave once in a while to do whatever and then came right back over, nobody at our table was tipping (except the two guys that spent most of their time at the tip rail, they may have, but they were never really there that long).

My "natural" friend actually did most of the talking, as I could barely get a word in edgewise. I decided early on though that this might be a good thing as I just laid back and basically only commented if I actually found something interesting. Oh and I made a good cocky funny comment whenever I could. Or when she got overly sexual, I would kind of look at her like she was acting ridiculous.

Really, I didn't run much game at all, and it was my friend who gave her his number (because she was not allowed to give hers out at work). But I left the impression still that I was an interesting person that could not be easily manipulated.

About 4 in the morning, my friend texts me and tells me that the girl called him back. I was not too surprized, though knowing that he and I had kept our frames tight, which can be sometimes all it takes to really spark a stripper's attention.

Moving on, A couple days later, my friend calls me up to ask if I want to go to a party at the stripper's apt with him. Apparently, she was to invite some of her stripper friends, and I was to "wing" for him. Sweet, I thought, this should be interesting if nothing else.

We head on over and it is just her and us for about two minutes until a couple of her stripper friends show up. They were introduced as, Lucsious and Logan. These two friends were alright but not quite up to my expectations.

We are all drinking for a while, and two guys show up. These guys were the badboy type but they seemed to be more interested in smoking weed than get a piece. I quickly figured out they would be little threat.

So her friends really wanted to watch porn. The porn starts and it is one of those awful bargin bin type pornos. This was the time when I really started to shine. While watching it, I could easily bust in some good cocky funny comments, especially about ripping on the girl for how crappy her choice in porn was. "You know, you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of porn that they watch," this being said after ripping hard core on how bad the porn was.

Really, this is a hard FR for me to make because I was sorta drunk most of the night, so I will try my best. Anyway, it was getting late. the two guys had left and her stripper friends were getting ready for bed (they were crashing there). But my friend and I and the stripper (who will from here on out be reffered to as A) were not ready to puss out yet. We decided to start playing some cards (ya know drinkin' games).

At some point I could tell she was giving some major IOI's. I could see she was trying real hard to get my attention by doing things like flashing or doing seductive poses, but I kept busting her for doing this. Example: A: "so you wanna make-out now or something?" Me: "Hey, come on now, let's finish this hand, we have some drinkin' to do". A: (flashes her breasts) Me: "Hey, what the hell is with you tonight?"

Basically, all the time she was trying to get me sexually excited, I turned it into her just being some really annoying brat. This went well. Later on, I finally started to show some interest with light kino, like tickinling, and hand holding.

Soon after this my friend left to go to the bathroom and immediatly, A was giving me the doggy dinner bowl look. We statred making out a little until my friend came back into the room. (She didn't want him to see anything because she was afraid he was really into her.)

A little bit later my friend told me he wanted to leave. He was my ride and he wanted me to go with, but I told him I would rather just crash there, because... well he already knew anyway.

I now had her isolated as she was already sleeping in her bed (my friend and I were talking in her bedroom later on in the night as her friends were sleeping in the living room. Anyway, she was sleeping and I was trying to figure what to do next. I could have just woke her up by cavemaning her but that seemed a bit tacky for some reason. I finally decided to just fall asleep and have sex in the morning.

This turned out to be a wise choice. When she finally got up she was all over me. I hardly had to do anything but tell her to slow down. We ended up having great sex.

Anyway, this story is quite incomplete and does not really follow the mystery method in the most smooth way but I think there were definatley some good moves made on my part and some bad ones (such as being a bad wingman).

DD ON FEBRUARY 6, 2007 8:28 PM

Me and my mate sambo went to an outdoor bar in Australia to try some PUA to see if it works i had just finished the game and was curiuos as it all seemed kind of 'unreal'. Now we would normally sit with our mates at a table and not talk to many chicks and leave saying how stuck up most of them appear..not this nite, we made a concoius effort to approach as many sets as we could and use openers etc that i had gleaned from the book.

1st set was a 3 set and we opened with jealous girlfriend then rings etc, i got ones phone number in about 10mins, then we left and opened another 3 set, within 15mins they were offering to buy us beers..i dont think a chick has EVER bought ME a drink..anyway about half way thru one one of the chicks says 'hey have you read the game?' like OH FUUUK.. no whats that?..i think she knew but the bottom line was i dont think she cared as it shows we must have liked them to try it on them anyway and i think they were a bit falttered and wed already made them comfortable by using the openers etc (they read cosmo and cleo which is basically how to seduce your man so whats the difference? i say) which i think is what its about anyhow..i used to talk about stories and stars etc with chicks when i was younger and then i just stopped for some reason, so i think thats the idea its not about manipulating a chicks behaviuor but just coming in with interesting fun conversation without hitting on them straight up..anyway a couple more sets and we basically had 3 seperate sets hunting us down like cougars by the end of the night i had 3 numbers - i almost felt what its like to be a girl


Maybe not my best pickup story- just the most recent. Last Friday an old friend was in town on business. There was a gathering at a pub there. I don't remember too much about it, but I must have been doing OK, as a few days later, a sexy, sassy Vietnamese women I met that night emailed me and said "It was funny to chat up with you and watched how you handled the ladies. Nice and sweet.... You can be my coffee partner during weekend if you don't mind". Not sure about what that means, but perhaps I digress.

As it approached midnight, most of the people left, so my friend and I decided to move on. The owner of another bar was throwing a birthday for himself. At this point it was mostly a sausage factory, but there were 3 (and only 3) single women there. College girls- and this is no joke, part-time models- at one of the bar giving off attitude, but we camped out near them anyway. Someone had made some balloon animals which we discovered and started joking around with. The girls wanted to join in and play, so we chatted for a while. We'd never discussed pickups much before, but a good wing man is hard to find around here. But they they had planned to meet up with more people and go to some club and were getting distracting phone calls, so we each number closed and moved on. Again, this is not the main part of the story, so let me get to it...

My friend was tired from a week of meetings and about to call it a night, but we decided to make one last pass through another bar we know. We agreed that if we got no interest immediately, we'd go home. We made it all the way through the bar, turned to head out and and...BANG!. He said 'hi' to a pair of very cute, 19 year olds. We are both more than twice their age, but that didn't stop anything. One was rather tall, the other was about 5?4?, but since I am 6?2? and my friend is 6?3?, we teased her about being short. Telling her what I was going to do, I picked her up and sat her on the bar so that she could be taller and hear our conversation better. Such a move so early is a high-risk gamble, but she enjoyed it, and after a minute or two, I brought her back down.

Can't remember the chit-chat, but we just kept it light, funny, and quick enough. I sensed that staying on there would serve no purpose, so I suggested leaving, he agreed, and we said "come along with us". They looked at each other for a moment, but the moment was a little too long for me, so I started to move to the door anyway, and my friend turned and came with with me. "If they don't come, it's their loss", he said, perfectly voicing the right attitude. Wish he still lived here.

Just outside, we ran into some guys we knew. We chatted with them, and I heard a "hey!". Guess who was coming up from behind, with a couple of guys on their heels? I could tell from their body language that they actually wanted to ditch those guys (apparently they had met them there earlier), but we ignored them, talking to our friends for a couple of minutes. When we said good-bye and turned, the two girls quickly shuffled after us.

We went to some asian diner dive that my friend loves the food at, and the four of us were there together. We both made each other look good, teased the girls just enough. Then decided to leave. When the check came, the girls asked how much they owed, so I named a token amount- less than our share, but more than zero- and we paid up. As were leaving, my friend said, "How should we handle this?". Remembering my Roman history, I replied "Divide and conquer".

We walked along the street in such a ways that the girls were slightly separated. I stopped and kissed her a couple of times, and she seemed eager. Got some LMR, but we had already hailed a cab, and they separated. Came back straight to my place. Had a drink or two (she had never tasted Pernod or Malibu Rum) and then really closed. Pretty nice blow job too- but she asked me for lessons in the near future.

The next morning, after I made a simple breakfast, she insisted on cleaning my kitchen and bathroom. I had to get her to stop cleaning, so I asked to exchange numbers and she was off...

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