Millionaire Looks For Love On Billboard

Millionaire Looks For Love On Billboard Image
Most of us looking for love might go to bars or head to an online dating site, but TOM FELTENSTEIN took out a full billboard on I-95 to find love. And it worked just fine for him.

The billboard read, "Have maid, have money, would love a honey," as well as the website LUCRATIVELOVE.COM, and although Tom's new wife Cindy never actually saw the billboard, he did nevertheless find who he was looking for.

The millionaire not only paid for the billboard, he even published a book for gold-diggers called" LOVE: THE INSIDERS SECRET TO MARRYING "I'm guessing his new wife must have read it.

And while TOM FELTERSTEIN isn't exactly rocking like GEORGE CLOONEY in the looks department, his money managed to get him hundreds of responses from gold-diggers everywhere looking to cash in.

I'm guessing that TOM FELTENSTEIN is well aware why Cindy married him and he likely even thrives on it. At least he's getting used because he wants to get used; it's not out of his hands. There is no word on how old Cindy actually is.

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