Book Review The Man Plan

Book Review The Man Plan Cover
The Man Plan: Drive Men Wild... Not Away By Whitney Casey

WHITNEY CASEY gets right into it with" MAN "as she prompts readers to wear the scent of grapefruit in order to appear 10 pounds thinner to men. WHITNEY CASEY also teaches readers hygiene tips, how to apply make-up, and, of course, how to send cell phone text messages using the correct abbreviations. And if all that golden advice isn't enough for you...

WHITNEY CASES encourages women to start cooking more meat, and reading up on sports. Oh, and every women who knows anything about men would know that she needs to have a television set in her home.

Overall, it seemed like this book was too funny to be serious and, although even I can appreciate women taking a step back to focus on men more than themselves via Casey's advice, at the end of the day, this book asks women to be someone other than themselves.


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