Book Review The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide

Book Review The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide Cover

The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide By Brett Tate

Some guys were born to be bachelors and I'm guessing that BRETT TATE is one of those guys. Suave in his entertaining writing and practical in his advice, BRETT TATE manages to help men figure out what they want and then go out and get it.

And considering that the second half of the book is entitled "How to Exploit Her Inner Psycho", you can probably guess that BRETT TATE may have some of his own issues with women in general. That, or he manages to attract the truly psychotic types.

Whether you are a man or woman reading this book, you will find yourself laughing out loud at times and going "oooh, that's harsh" at others. BRETT TATE really goes off about women and their weird, borderline bizarre behaviors. Unfortunately, he tends to be right on most points.

Another unfortunate point is that BRETT TATE actually ends up making readers feel like trying to find their ideal mate is actually a losing cause because he tends to believe that it's just not possible. Hence, why he is likely a "bachelor.

BRETT TATE actually tells men that if they really want to find a woman who makes them feel optimistic and truly happy about life, they have to search for such a woman outside of their country, which is depressing. And expensive.

BRETT TATE also provides a section in which he classifies women into categories and provides a checklist for every guy to go over to assess whether or not the woman he's checking out is actually worth the time or effort.

Finally, BRETT TATE covers a point that most men have been mentioning often, of late: Protecting assets. The professional bachelor tells men that they must always protect what is theirs to ensure that the woman they are seeing is not in it for the material.

A true (and somewhat depressing) study of psychology and marketing, BRETT TATE manages to help men keep themselves from being manipulates, but at the same time, he discourages them from even seeking out "the one" for them. According to BRETT TATE, she just doesn't exist.


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