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Romance has been defined by Oscar Wilde as an "uncertainty" and by Gertrude Stein as "everything." This difference exemplifies the problems men have faced with romance they just don't get it. Romance must be about the object of the man's attention, the woman. The Romance Writers of America has determined that romance readers (women) prefer to see heroes who are muscle bound, handsome and intelligent. Combine these attributes with good manners and creativeness, and romance is sure to follow.

Muscle Bound

Becoming muscle bound is not as important as you would expect. As a matter of fact, a recent University of Queensland study suggests that the average body is just as appealing to a woman as a slender one. (See Resources) Eating right and exercising regularly fulfills the archetype of a woman's romantic male fantasies by being healthy enough to make the manly romantic gestures, such as literally sweeping her off her feet, without all the gym time. (See Resources)

Good looks are not imparted on a man by a supreme being handing out physical traits like a manager delegating assignments. Good looks are a conglomeration of qualities with the synergistic effect of making a man look appealing to a woman. There are two irreplaceable qualities necessary to making this synergy happen: hygiene and dress. Proper hygiene is a no-brainer: trim the hair and nails; pluck that uni-brow; and scrub every nook and cranny. As for dress the good looking man always dresses the part. Don't wear sweats, ever. Don't wear a hat, ever. With a basic button-up shirt, the addition or subtraction of a jacket or tie can take the man from good-looking sport casual to debonair semiformal in the blink of an eye.

Webster's New World Dictionary defines intelligence as "the power of knowing and understanding[.]" This ability to know and understand can be demonstrated to a woman by remembering one iron clad rule: everybody likes to talk about themselves. Ask questions about a woman's work, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Show her that you have the power of knowing and understanding all the things she knows and understands, and you will be considered intelligent by her.

While it may take an industry study to tell a man that a woman wants a sexy, handsome, and smart hero to romance them; it does not take an Einstein-like Cassanova to figure out that she will also need him to behave like a gentleman. Romance can only be attained with appropriate table manners, always saying please and thank you (especially to the server), and always being considerate of her needs.

Romance is an adventure, a fiction created to woo the woman. Adventure rarely follows from boring. Prepare a number of places to go, ranging from casual to semi-formal. Tell the prospective recipient of the romantic gesture to, "dress for a special night with a special man." Regardless of the type of outfit she has on, you will be prepared for the occasion with the addition or subtraction of a jacket and tie.

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