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What is up with people who use this as their voicemail message: "You have reached 310-555-1212. Please leave a message?" There's nothing warm and nothing pleasant about that.

It's amazing how many people I call, and the first thing I learn about them is their phone number recited by a computerized woman's voice. Do you realize that your first "meeting" with and introduction to someone might be via your voicemail message?

You may thereafter hand somebody a business card with the intention of introducing yourself to them for business purposes, but their first impression of you will remain hearing "You have reached 310-555-1212... " Do you know what type of first impression that makes? None.

The other terrible thing about this ever-so-sexy computerized voice reciting a phone number as your voicemail message, is that as the caller you sometimes think you may have dialed the wrong number because there is no way to know whose voicemail you've reached (since today we don't usually memorize everyone's phone number). So you don't leave a message. Thus, even though we know we dialed 312-555-1212, we might have hit the wrong button and we didn't memorize it.

I don't care whether it's your business or your personal voicemail, you need to leave a warm personally recorded message so people who hear it can get an idea of your personality. For example, I've been using basically the same voicemail message for years. In mine, I say:

"Hey, it's David. Great to hear from you. Looking forward to speaking with you, but I can't get to the phone right now. I'll call you back as soon as I get into the office. Take care, and make it a great day!"

Your voicemail message should at a minimum be something that's strong. I have excitement in my voice in my message.

I want people to be excited to talk to me. I want people to be interested in talking to me. I want them to know that I'm a warm person.

It's amazing how lazy most people have become. This is a problem that is equally prevalent in men as it is in women.

There is no reason you should have a computerized voicemail message at work. It's unprofessional in every way. Let people know about who you are.

If you're dating, then having a computerized voicemail message is simply ridiculous. If I call a woman and get the "You've reached 310-555-1212 " voicemail, then I wonder if I was handed a wrong phone number and very often I will not want to leave a message.

Why should I leave a message in that situation? I don't know whose phone I've reached. I don't know if I've reached Amy, Lisa or some weird 90-year old guy in prison somewhere who just likes to listen to voicemail messages.

So when you record your voicemail message, make it warm and friendly - but don't make it stupid. I can't tell you how many times I have called someone and, after hearing their dog barking in the background, their message in their cutest tone of voice says "Fred says 'leave a message!' Ha Ha Ha " That is really annoying.

Also, what about when you call up a family home and after the voicemail begins "You've reached the Wilsons." you hear each child in turn yell their own name like "Timmy! Amy! Joe!" followed by the dog barking after being introduced. How cute if you're a part of that family.

How about the people who put an excerpt of a tv show or song as part of their voicemail message? Like that makes sense. Why in order to leave someone a message am I being forced to endure 30 seconds of a tv show that I don't watch?

It's time we all grew up. It's time we all stopped being lazy. It's time we all recorded a personal voicemail message.

So for all of you who have the "You've reached 310-555-1212 " message on your voicemail, it's time you decided to say "hi." As for me, I'll end this blog by saying "This is David... and welcome to my voicemail!"

Going further into voice. Do you know how to create powerful emotions with the tone of your voice.

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