Book Review How To Be A Super Hot Woman

Book Review How To Be A Super Hot Woman Cover
By Mandy Simons the advice given also makes one shake their head in wonderment. I'm guessing this book was self-published because no self-respecting publishing company would ever give this book that go-ahead.

The ladies provide gems that suggest that women buy fake name brand purses off the net, and to walk to the middle of a room at a party and wait for someone to come and take your coat. I think these ladies may have been guzzling whisky and watching old movies when they threw this thing they call a dating advice book together.

The contents of the book range from complete logic (you have to be clean and take showers if you want to meet men) to the downright insane (land yourself a role on a soap opera and make yourself famous and he'll regret that he ever walked out of your life).

And if all this isn't enough to convince you that you probably don't want to read this book, the entire thing is written in size 16 font. That's really big. And that gets kind of annoying after a while.

If you're looking for dating advice that is designed to help you become a better person and, in essence, meet a better man, this is not the book you want to invest in.


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