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If you watched "MORE TO LOVE" on FOX last night, you'd know that 20 "rubenesque" women were vying for the attention of an equally thick man, in hopes that he would give them a "promise ring" by the time the hour was up.

"MORE TO LOVE", to put it mildly, was awful. It was sold to viewers as "the average woman is a size 14 - this is normal. Size 2 is not." Meanwhile, back at the ranch, all these plus-size women talked about was how they were too fat to be loved and what their favorite foods were.

Brought to us by the man who thought up "The Bachelor", MIKE FLEISS, I'm guessing that he received myriad applications from women who didn't fit the "size 4 and under" mold. Then he had the genius idea that these women could get their own show with a man of similar stature. We'll call the show "MORE TO LOVE" and we'll call big women "normal". Genius!

And the man who's at the center of attention, LUKE CONLEY, is obviously comfortable with his thickness, and plans to use "MORE TO LOVE" to get some serious as*. He made out with about half the women within an hour of meeting them and checked out every single one's butt as she walked into the cottage (I'm guessing the budget isn't big enough for a mansion).

The massive problem with "MORE TO LOVE" is that the women on the show are not confident or energetic; they all seem to be bitter and sad, and that just made the show that much harder to watch.

If this is America's attempt at making women feel better about being big, it failed big-time. It's obvious that each of them would trade places with a size 2 any day of the week.

If these women are so unhappy with their size, why don't they put some effort into eating healthier and exercising rather than exploiting themselves on a reality show that will do nothing for their self-confidence?

After all, a bunch of chicks will be getting rejected every week. How you like them apples?

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