Boyfriend Cheats Then Returns

Boyfriend Cheats Then Returns Cover
Dating QA - Boyfriend cheats, then returns


My boyfriend broke up with me via text on a Saturday night and then called me to get back together on the Monday. Well, I found out that he slept with someone on Saturday night.

He says he didn't cheat on me because he dumped me beforehand. Am I insane here, or is this guy full of crap?

I love him, but I think this is unforgivable, even if he didn't cheat on me, technically.


Oh man, if this were my boyfriend, not only would I not take him back, if he had any stuff at my place, it would all be at the Salvation Army. What a loser. What is he, 14?

What man has that kind of attitude? Every time he wants to have sex with someone else, he'll just dump you for the weekend?

If you know what's good for you, you will dump his ass right now and eliminate anything about him from your life right now.


I've been having casual sex with this girl for about 3 months now. She only calls me late at night and never lets me sleep over.

I want more than just to sleep with her. I really like her. How can I tell her that I want more without risking the sexual relationship?


Sam, if you tell her you want more, 1 of two things will happen. Either she will love the idea and want to start seeing you on a more social level or she will be repulsed by the idea and tell you to screw off because now you can't just be sex partners anymore.

What you can do is start showing up at her place with maybe a movie or some snacks and drinks when she calls you over and see how she reacts. If she cuts you off right away, then you she's not having it.

But if she sits down, starts snacking and discusses the movie you brought, she might be interested in getting to know you better.

Next you can invite her out to dinner. It's possible that you may end up not feeling more for her in a social setting considering you only know her sexually. So prepare yourself for that.


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