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Synergies in the dating market. Past 10 years has seen an explosion of online dating, match makers, speed dating, and now new entrant dating coach. Online industry has tried to implement online dating coaching, but up to this moment it has had small and negligible effect. What if online dating industry takes PUA model of hosting seminars in different cities, and bring in dating coaches to those seminars. Not only they will tap a bigger amount and more local people, they can also do so face to face. In away putting a face on their online operation.

Speed Dating, i just wrote an article for speed dating comany in chicago, and you can find that article Here, on right side of the scree, currently ranked #2, was #1 for a while but Valentine article during Valentines day kicked its ass ;)

There is match making element. Another very new industry that seems to be developing, i am meeting a match maker tomorrow about potential partnership. You might ask why? Well he has a lot of single clients who are no longer clients, and our guys have a lot of expertise in dating coaching world. I am also meeting with a female dating consultant today, whom i am thinking to bring on board t coach women.

So there is a lot of partnerships to be created, there is a lot of creative things that can be done between players. How does it affect pua? More services, more personal learning, i am expecting to see more 1on1 coaching so look in your city, there might be already personal dating coach, just make sure he is good.

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