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Dear Friend,

In 1989 I met a famous hypnotist at a 20,000 seminar.

He called me this Saturday and we spoke for 2 hours. I told him what I'd learned about selling on Ebay after 4 months. He passed on some of his wisdom. And he is sending me some of his most recent Cutting Edge material.

Here's a Totally new and powerful GOD-LIKE NLP strategy. An idea so simple you can use it with EVERYONE around you. To LEAD and influence them.

I told the NLP guru an idea I'd just heard from a Network member. It sounded powerful to me.

This guru recognized it. He said,"

"I recognize that. A 75 year old man is the inventor of that tactic. He is THE #1 most expert NLP Master in the USA today. He makes Bandler & Grinder look like beginners."

Then he told me three new strategies to use on top of the one I'm giving you FREE just below.

Most of us have been taught -

To get into deep trance and rapport - imitate or mirror EVERYTHING the other person does. This #1 NLP MASTER says, "No" to that.

He says to, "Watch for one or two habitual movements a person makes. Like pushing their glasses up. Or pushing their hair back behind an ear. Or a frown when you ask a question. Something that person does subconsciously (automatically) - and only they do. (Imitate just that one action to powerfully influence them!)

Ignore the rest. Just imitate or mirror that one thing.

Quick and deeper rapport will follow. This means they LIKE you. Thus you can influence and lead them!

Try it and let me know how this works for YOU!

Vibrations of how you treat others make you a pebble in a pond,

Glenn Osborn

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