Social Psychology Key To Smooth Mergers And Acquisitions

Social Psychology Key To Smooth Mergers And Acquisitions Image
Business mergers and acquisitions usually lead to stress and chaos within the workplace. Employees and stakeholders, including suppliers, feel uncertain and frustrated at the loss of security and control over their position and career, and thus over a huge part of their lives. This can all be avoided if companies make use of good communication skills.

Company leaders often overlook the power of communication. They fail to keep the employees and stakeholders in the loop, undervaluing the worth of each individual and drastically affecting the efficiency and performance of the whole team.

With resistance being the default response to change, the best thing that a new leadership team can do to make the most out of a delicate situation is to create open communication to engage employees in the transition strategies during the "merger and acquisition". With a good set of communication skills, both on the business and personal level, understanding human nature's need to resist change can help leaders be successful in working with the emotional response rather than against it.

Here are a few tips on how to use COMMUNICATION SKILLS to help for a smoother merger and acquisition:

* Immediately initiate a communication plan. There's no reason to wait for all the facts and responses to come in because by then, new leaders would have lost human momentum. Start sharing and listening as soon as possible.
* Be open about why the step is necessary or being considered. Talk about the benefits and risks and take into consideration employee concerns.
* Talk about the whole process of the MERGER AND ACQUISITION, how long it's expected to take, how it can possibly affect jobs and what is to be expected. The more informed employees are, the more prepared they can be as the process goes along, giving them back some control they may feel they have lost.
* Create a listening plan. When the term communication is used in relationships, business settings or policies, the idea is the same - talk. Communication is about sharing and listening. Demonstrating empathy toward stakeholder concerns through listening channels is just as important as sharing information.

The best tip for anyone dealing with a business merger and acquisition is improving on "communication skills", bringing focus to honesty and openness. With the idea of change looming, opening communication lines between old leaders, new leaders and employees gives back the certainty and security that was lost just by being given the notion that a merger was taking place. By opening communication lines, the stress and chaos in the working environment during the time of huge change can be lessened and people can perform better as the process of merger and acquisition moves along.

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