Boys Do You Know What Girls Like

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So boys ready for a date but do you know what girls like:

* If you really like a girl don't laugh at her or make fun of her.

* If you want to talk with her go ahead and just say like hey, hi, hello then later say so how are you doing?

* First become friends to know each other well before u ask her to go out.

* Once you know her well ask her to be girlfriend.

* Call her once a week and try to find out her interest.

* Wait about two weeks before you ask her for a sweet hug.

* Wait for a couple of months before you ask her for a kiss on her cheek.

* After a year ask her to give a kiss on the LIPS!

Suggested free e-books to read:

Anonymous - A Young Girl Diary
Christian Godefroy - How To Control Your Brain At Will

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