Bishop - The Fire Of Seduction (1.5 MB)

Bishop - The Fire Of Seduction Cover After a 4 year absence, Bishop is back with his latest seduction product called, The Fire of Seduction."

Now, no matter who you are, there is way to be NATURALLY seductive around women! There is a way to move past whatever has ever stood in your way! There is a way to at last get the kind of seduction success that has so far eluded you. That way, is "The Fire of Seduction."

FORGET tricks and gimmicks and pick up lines! This 330 page e-book, reveals EXACTLY how women think and behave, what tricks and games they play (many of which, guys never spot!!!) and how to use this information to seduce vitually ANY woman! I'm an ugly, overweight guy, who was using this stuff back when I was living paycheck to paycheck, SO IT WASN'T THE MONEY that got women attracted to me! I am so absolutely positive that "The Fire of Seduction" will work for YOU, I'll even give you a ONE FULL YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! I've even put it in writing! So you have every reason to see for yourself what you CAN be experiencing with beautiful women! Don't live out the rest of your life wishing you had bought "The Fire of Seduction." Instead, live out the rest of your life LIVING the seductive fantasies you've had since you were a teenager! Unleash yourself!

Here's just a sample of what awaits you:

* The Four Horsemen of Seduction -

Finally! The simple 4-step process that makes ALL seduction work!

* 'Phanting -

This strangely named chapter AT LAST reveals how to tell what kind of woman you're approaching, BEFORE YOU EVEN SAY A WORD TO HER!

* Advertising to Women -

Learn what advertisers have spent BILLIONS on to influence women, and how YOU can use it in seduction!

* Detached Presence -

Simply put, it's how to be miles away and STILL have her suddenly think about you, as if you're in the room with her!

* Tests, Games, and Positioning for Power -

The "behind her walls" secrets on the things she is trying to test you on, and you likely never even knew it! (Plus, how to use it right back on her!)

* The Positive Side of "Let's Just Be Friends" -

How being "just friends" can actually ACCELERATE your seduction success!

* Thinking Differently -

This chapter takes some commonly held beliefs about what it takes to seduce women, and shatters it!

There is so much more that awaits you, in this 330 page e-book!


Buy Bishop - The Fire Of Seduction ($6.25)


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