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Being in love is easy; you can actually learn to love someone gradually. The problem starts when there seems to be no one available for you to fall in love with, and even if there is..... are you willing to love someone whose faith and beliefs are completely different from yours?

That is why Christian online dating sites emerged. There are now hundreds of different sites that specialize in Christian dating; originating from one country to another and it's for you to take advantage which site and country you prefer to become a member.

Just to end your doubt about where you can see these sites, we have listed the most popular Christian dating websites, so try your luck and get involved with someone whose viewpoint are the same as yours.

CHRISTIANSONLINE.COM.AU- Australia's most popular and largest Christian online dating that have started back in 2001, you can absolutely have someone to share your values and interest with whether you him/her to be from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

CHRISTIANDATING.CO.ZA- If you are from South Africa and you want to meet someone from your own place, then you are eying the best site. Members are always ready to chat so, share your common interests and find God's chosen person just for you.

DATINGDISCIPLES.COM- in 2004, Michael Price founded this website to help "hungry" for love Christian brothers and sisters find love easier.

CHRISTIAN CAFE- said to be the leader for single Christians, whether you are in search for romance, friends or serious relationship Christian cafe is certainly a safe place for you to find who you are looking for.

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