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Part of the issue is that there are at least three meanings for the terms "natural" or "natural game" floating around out there.

Meaning 1. Somebody who is good at picking up chicks without any training.

A natural is that one in 100,000 guy who is good at picking up chicks without PUA training. They are being themselves because who they are just happens to be what women want.

Meaning 2: Bringing out some (undefined) real you to the surface even if you aren't good at picking up women. This somehow makes you a natural even if you aren't one. Sounds like BS

Meaning 3: Vibing, being intuitive, going without preparation, being in the flow, having no method, etc. Ok, we can see where this will get AFCs

People are out there trying to teach 'Natural game' to guys who are not the one in 100,000 aren't being honest about their marketing.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Julius Fast - Body Language
Michael Hall - Back Tracking

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