Dating Rules You Must Follow

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Rules in dating? It seems abnormal but its not. There are few rules in dating, if followed by nicely you date will become the unforgettable date for you.


* do try to look best and be punctual.
* do enjoy your date
* do share compliment with each other
* do date only people you are interested in.
* do talk nicely and about the likes of each other
* do surround with positive energy


* don't date a person who have hurt you in past.
* don't be late on date
* don't lie to your date about any thing of your life
* don't be too available
* don't check out other people on date
* don't give your personal information on date
* never date a married person

Suggested free e-books to read:

Dr Joy Browne - Dating For Dummies
Mary Wood Allen - What A Young Woman Ought To Know
Shawn Nelson - The Dating Resource Report

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